Commission Progress!

It’s so refreshing to have commissions again!  Here’s progress thus far

  1. Rainbow choker with mushroom pendant (from Simbi) – 50%
  2. Owl variegated cobalt hemp simple necklace (from Simbi) – 100% and shipped
  3. Gothic choker (still waiting for info) (from DevArt) – 0%
  4. Chakra wave pattern anklet (from DevArt) – 0%
  5. Sodalite simple necklace (still waiting for info) (from DevArt) – 0%
  6. Amethyst and quartz MedicAlert bracelet (still waiting on plaque) (from Tumblr) – 0%

I’ll be working on these every other day instead of three days on and three days off.

Commissions are still open.


Commission Status

I have several commission lined up!

  1. Rainbow choker with mushroom pendant (from Simbi) – 0%
  2. Owl variegated cobalt hemp simple necklace (from Simbi) – 50%
  3. Gothic choker (still waiting for info) (from DevArt) – 0%
  4. Chakra wave pattern anklet (from DevArt) – 0%
  5. Sodalite simple necklace (still waiting for info) (from DevArt) – 0%
  6. Amethyst and quartz MedicAlert bracelet (still waiting on plaque) (from Tumblr) – 0%

These will take me roughly a week to finish, that’s including my three day break for my wrist to recover.  It may take longer for a few because I’m waiting on information and materials.

If you’re interested in commissioning me just ask.  I have Pay What You Want still active and will continue to have it set as such until further notice.  You give me your budget and I’ll tell you want I can make within that budget.

If you’re serious about commissioning me please contact me.

October Shipping Sale

From October 1st to October 31st I will have free US domestic shipping on all purchases of $50 or more.

This includes commissions!

I won’t be reserving anything for you unless it’s something you commissioned me for.  No lay-away or anything similar.

No coupon code is necessary.  The free shipping discount will be applied when you check-out.


House Fire Update

I meant to give y’all an update about this awhile ago, but I’ve been way too stressed out to make any posts regarding it.

We lost more than we thought we did to the fire.  All our food was destroyed, as was our ionizer, tower fan, several kitchen appliances, and various other things.  We spent over $400 replacing all our food and a few appliances.  Some of our furniture was damaged in the move but the movers made the repairs because they caused the damage.  My bicycle’s seat was melted off, the basket destroyed, and the handles are damaged.  Several of my coffee/tea mugs were crushed and broken in the fire.

The housing agency hasn’t sent our adjuster their invoice…and it’s been over a month.  The movers/cleaners sent their yesterday.  Our adjuster rarely answers my calls and never calls me back when I leave a message.  He hasn’t responded to emails either.  I understand he’s incredibly busy right now, but we’re losing our patience and completely broke.

We’ve maxed out the credit card, owe my parents money for helping us, we have bills that need to be paid, etc.  We really need that money.  ASAP.  I hope it’s enough to pay off the credit card.  After we get our money we’re going to the insurance company’s local office and having our policy moved to our new home and increasing the coverage as well.  We’re in fire country and really don’t want to deal with a total loss and not enough money to cover it all.

Needless to say we’re incredibly stressed out and it’s wearing us down.

August 6th I had the worst seizure in over a decade.  It was a tonic-clonic, lasted over a minute, and I wasn’t breathing when it was over.  My husband said my face turned blue and then purple.  Thankfully he has CPR and First Aid training.  He saved my life.  It took almost a month to recover from it.  That very day I had seen the neurologist and had my medication dosage raised 50mg.  I took the medicine right after recovering enough to swallow my pills.  I had been in survival mode since the fire, and on August 6th we finally got into our new home.  My brain deemed it safe to finally let loose and threw me into a seizure.  I have a very low seizure threshold; it doesn’t take much to set them off.  Our current situation is making it very likely I’ll have another seizure, though hopefully not as severe.  BTW epilepsy is deadly if untreated.  People die because of their seizures.

We’re unable to do our laundry (Thursday is laundry day) because we have no money to spare.  We go to a laundromat because we don’t have a washer or dryer.  My husband is going to work in dirty work clothes.  Thankfully he works in a kitchen, and the smell from his clothes goes largely unnoticed.  He feels very disgusting though, and when he comes home the smell is unbelievable.

I have new items available in my Etsy shop, and I ship worldwide.  Please consider making a purchase.  We need every dollar we can get.

Pay What You Can/Want Commissions

I’ve opened jewelry commission for Pay What You Can/Want (PWYC/W).  How does it work?  Here’s some simple instruction.

  1. Give me your budget.  What’s the most you’re willing/able to pay for a custom handmade one-of-kind piece of jewelry?
  2. Tell me what it is you’re looking for.  A choker?  Necklace?  Bracelet/anklet?  A fully jewelry set?
  3. Give me links to three items from my jewelry gallery that you really like.  Tell me what you like about those pieces.
  4. I’ll then tell you what I can make that is within your budget.  We’ll figure out the details, including the size, any metal or material allergies, colors you love/hate, etc.
  5. When I’m finished making the jewelry I’ll contact you with a few photographs so you can decide if it’s what you want.  If you don’t approve of it the jewelry will be placed on Etsy for anyone to purchase.  I’ll then make a second item.  If you don’t approve of it either that will also be listed on Etsy.  I will make only TWO items.
  6. If you do approve of either piece you will then be able to purchase it on Etsy.  It will be listed as reserved, and will remain reserved for a period of ONE WEEK.  That means you have only one week to pay for it.  After that it’s available to anyone interested in purchasing it.
  7. When/if you purchase the jewelry you will also be covering the cost of shipping.  I ship worldwide, and if you’re outside the USA I strongly recommend you check with your postal service or customs in regards to what is permitted to enter your country.  Are there restrictions on jewelry made with hemp, various stones/crystals, metals, etc.  Please read the information regarding my polices.  That information is located at the bottom of my Etsy page; simply scroll down to the information.

It takes about two to three days for me to finish making jewelry, and I follow that with a break of no less than three days so my wrist can recover.  I make items that can fit nearly any budget.  From $5 USD to over $500 USD.  A larger budget for PWYC/W means a more elaborate piece of jewelry or even a full set/multiple pieces.  Some examples of my work!

Comment here if you have any questions.  If you’re serious about commissioning me you can head over to my Etsy shop.  On the left-hand side of the page you’ll see a button that says “Request Custom Order”.  Click that and we can start the process of making a custom item for you.

Making Jewelry Again!

Several years ago I had a bad fall that resulted in a ligament tearing in my right wrist.  I was told I would never be able to make jewelry again.  In November 2016 I had surgery and was informed that in a few months, with physical therapy at home, I’d be able to make jewelry again.  Guess what I’ve been doing?

Lots of new things have been made and listed on my Etsy page!  I’m working on making jewelry, but only for three days at a time followed by a break of at least three days.  This will prevent me from hurting my wrist or hurting myself.  Here’s a view of what I’ve been up to.

This is the work-in-progress of a choker I have since finished.  I used iron pyrite, seed beads, cotton cord (not hemp), rubberized beads (they feel like suede and velvet’s love child), and a Victorian-style cameo pendant.  This was created by making a series of knots using macrame.  Here’s the finished choker.

You can purchase Neutral Elegance here at my Etsy shop.  All the details regarding it are listed there.

I’ve also finished several more pieces and plan on making more.  Currently I’m taking a break so my wrist can recover.  I made jewelry for 22 years, took a three-year hiatus by doctor’s orders, and now I’m back in my groove.  The funny part is I had to look over the tutorials I made in order to recall how I make the toggle clasps and how many cords to use for specific chokers.

Here are a few more pieces I’ve finished.  Again, all are listed on Etsy.

Currently I’ve been making only chokers, but I do make necklaces!  You can see more of my work here in my jewelry gallery.  Some have sold or been traded, but several are still available for purchase.  Seeing as the holidays are coming up now is a great time to get some one-of-a-kind gifts.

Sorry for the extended absence!

Life has been hectic and incredibly stressful.  We’re still awaiting news about our fire claim from out insurance.  Currently we’re very broke because of this.  My sewing room isn’t finished being put together because some of my furniture was damaged and is currently being repaired.

I’m hoping to get a little help with this by way of a sale at my Etsy shop.  I have a button on the right side of my page that will take you to my shop, but you can also click this link as well.  From August 31st to September 4th I’m having a big sale.  It’s 40% off a purchase of $20 or more, and the discount will be applied directly to your purchase when you hit the $20 mark.  No coupon code necessary.

Please consider making a purchase.  Every dollar will help us.  We need money for groceries, bills, replacing items that were lost, etc.  We lost more than we initially thought.  All our food, nearly all our kitchen appliances, our fans and air purifier, and several other things.  We don’t know how much we’re getting from our insurance, nor when because the cleaners/movers and housing agency having sent their invoices to our fire claims agent yet.  It’s been nearly a month.

August 6th I had my worst seizure in 10+ years.  My mind and body had gone into survival mode, and as soon as we moved into our new home I had a seizure.  According to my husband I stopped breathing, turned blue then purple, and he had to hit my back a few times to get me breathing again.  Now, nearly four weeks later, I’m still recovering.  Just hours before the seizure I had seen my neurologist and increased the dosage of my seizure medication.  Right before I was going to take the medication I had the seizure.

No sewing or painting or pretty much any other creating has been done because of everything that has been going on.  I’m sorry for my extending absence.  I’m hopeful that everything will be straightened out by the end of next week because we are truly desperate.

Please consider making a purchase at my Etsy shop.  Every dollar helps.  My husband doesn’t get paid until tomorrow, but we’ll need help even then because of our bills.

Thank you for reading this.