I Dream of Elephants is finished!

It took awhile but it was worth all the work.  Here are a few WIP pics as well as before being washed and washing.


I had just finished all the hand-quilting at 11:30pm, was well past slap-happy, and wanted to take a few shots before adding the binding.  I had a different print in mind for the binding, but changed my mind after setting the fabric next to the quilt.  This polka dot print works so much better.

Here I’ve attached the binding by machine and then followed up with attaching it to the back by hand.  The backing wasn’t quilt long enough so I attached a few scrap pieces in no particular order.  I love that it really ties in the back with the front.

The binding is now finished, but the quilt hasn’t been washed yet.  It isn’t until washing that it really comes to life.  The batting fluffs up, the hand-quilting tightens up a bit, and it overall looks more alive.  I really love how much lighter the binding fabric is.  The original I had chosen was more like the bird fabric you see in the bottom picture, only the fabric was lime green with blue, grey, and orange birds.  It was part of the collection, but in the end it didn’t work well as binding.  It would have made the quilt look heavier and taken away from how lively it feels.

The grey backing was an excellent choice.  The top has a very geometric design but the prints have a more organic look to them.  The backing ties into that very well with it’s soft geometric design.  Here you can see the results of the quilt being washed.  The hand-quilting tightened up, and in turn made all the sections fluff up more.  It’s so soft!

The finished quilt is 64 inches x 52 inches and available for purchase here on my Etsy shop.  I ship worldwide!  Sewn by machine, hand-quilted, many hours of work, and worth every minute of it.


Jasper decided to celebrate finishing the hand-quilting as well.


I Dream of Elephants hand-quilting WIP

Here’s some WIP photos of I Dream of Elephants.

I sew the pieces together by machine, but I do the quilting by hand.

The thread I’m using is variegated, meaning it’s multiple colors.  You can see it more clearly on the back, as well as the details of the stitching.

I’m about 25% done with the hand-quilting, and will definitely have it finished by Thursday for washing.  After a quilt is washed the seams pucker a bit, and this makes the quilt fluffy and all the different sections are like little pillows.  A quilt isn’t a quilt until after it has been washed.

After the quilt is washed I’ll take photographs of it and list it on Etsy for purchase.  I hope these pictures better explain why I price the quilts the way I do.  Time + cost of materials + labor = final price.  This is looking to be about $425 when finished.

The binding, the part that goes around the outside edges of the quilt, is part of this fabric collection and is the same color as the edge of the flowers in the close-up shot.

Picnic Tea Party top finished

I finished the quilt top yesterday and it’s ADORABLE!  Perfect size for a picnic blanket.  I’ll be using a polyester batting to keep it lightweight and also fluffy.  Great for using like a regular blanket without getting too hot.

I used different FQ collections by Free Spirit as well as one solid.  They all look so well together I knew they had to be in a single quilt. There are 25 White House Steps Blocks, 12″ x 12″.  The pattern is from McCall’s Quilting and Quick Quilts 2012 ebook.

The backing is a batik in various shades of grass green with a fern print all over it, and the binding will be a solid brown.

I’m really proud of the results because it shows how much I’ve improved.  All the corners meet perfectly!  I pressed the seams open on the blocks, but pressed to one side when connecting the blocks and rows.

My husband is mildly terrified of all the prints, but the quilt isn’t for him.  I’ll be selling it on my Etsy shop when it’s done.

I also basted I Dream of Elephants yesterday and have started on the hand-quilting.  I won’t have it done by laundry day this week, but it’ll definitely be finished next week.  I’ll then immediately start on Picnic Tea Party.  This one shouldn’t take nearly as long because I’ll just be following the lines of each block for the quilting.

If I had the money I’d take this to a long-arm quilter or a quilting shop to have it done by machine.  Save me some time so I can move on to the next project.  Alas, I shall have to hand-quilt it instead.  I have a dark bright variegated thread for this, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the results.

As for my next project, it’s a Star Wars quilt.  My dream is to have Mark Hamill purchase it.  For those uneducated in Star Wars, he plays Luke Skywalker.  He’s also the voice actor for the Joker in various Batman games and cartoon series.  Oh, and he was the kidnapped professor in Kingsmen.

Sparkling Lullaby Finished!

Yesterday afternoon I finished Sparkly Lullaby, today it was washed, and now I have it listed on Etsy.  I ship internationally!

I got two rows mixed up, and only realized it after I finished the top.  I had no desire to remove the borders the sashing, etc.  Besides, it’s no less adorable.

The thread is a variegated pastel from yellow to pink to blue and matches the colors in the quilt.  The quilt is machine quilted, but the quilting is done by hand.  The backing was a lucky find; I couldn’t have found something more perfect.

45.5 inches x 59.5 inches, great size for a baby quilt to a lap quilt.  The batting is 100% cotton and will definitely keep you warm at night.

The pattern is from Curious Cat in Fons and Porter’s Easy Quilts, Summer 2013 issue, page 75.

Sparkly Lullaby hand-quilting

I’ve started the long process of hand-quilting Sparkly Lullaby.  It’ll be at least a week before it’s finished.  I’ve tried machine quilting and free-motion quilting as well as quilt-while-you-go, but I just…can’t really get into it.  Plus I have very little space in my sewing room for that.  If I had a larger desk and more space I’d likely be all about it, but for now it’s done by hand.

I’m using a variegated thread.  It’s a BEAUTIFUL pastel thread I got on my recent trip to Joann Fabrics, and so far it’s holding up.  No breaking, tangling, or anything.  I use Thread Magic to keep the thread moving smooth, and that may have something to do with it.

As for why I’m using a variegated thread…well, there’s so many colors to choose from, and I don’t wanna use just one.  Switching threads its annoying.  Plus this thread is so pretty!

I’ll post the quilt on Etsy when it’s finished.  Hopefully it sells as fast as the last one!

Sparkly Lullaby sandwich

It felt like a game of Twister, but I got it done.  Sparkly Lullaby had now been made a quilt sandwich and the lap frame is in place.

The bright beautiful floral?  That’s the backing.  I matches the sparkly stripes PERFECTLY!

I also added a wide white border around the quilt to give it a bit more body and bring out the colors.

My goal is to have this finished by next Thursday so it can be washed and posted on Etsy by next weekend.