Sparkly Lullaby sandwich

It felt like a game of Twister, but I got it done.  Sparkly Lullaby had now been made a quilt sandwich and the lap frame is in place.

The bright beautiful floral?  That’s the backing.  I matches the sparkly stripes PERFECTLY!

I also added a wide white border around the quilt to give it a bit more body and bring out the colors.

My goal is to have this finished by next Thursday so it can be washed and posted on Etsy by next weekend.

Two Quilts Nearly Finished!

I forgot to take a photograph of I Dream of Elephants when I finished the quilt top.  So here you go!  Yesterday I purchased the backing for it, which took forever to find btw.  I wanted a nice gender-neutral backing with elephants on it.  No such luck.  I purchased a geometric grey and white fabric.  The pattern on the backing will be what I use as my guid for hand-quilting.

All I need to do with Sparkly Lullaby is add another border.  I’m thinking of using white because it’s a calmer quilt, and the the white will bring out all the other colors.  The backing is an intense floral that perfectly matches the colors on the top.

I purchased variegated thread for the hand-quilting on both these quilts.  I don’t want to use just one color, and variegated is SO MUCH FUN!

Oh, and yes, I’m still working on a third quilt top.  It’s Picnic Tea Party, a log cabin pattern that looks a bit like a scrap quilt.  I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to find a green and brown backing so the person who buys the quilt won’t feel guilty about grass stains.  Alas, no such luck.  I found something near to what I wanted, but it was end-of-bolt pieces.  I’ll use the scraps from top for the backing unless one of the other two quilts sells before then.  I’ll use the money at a different shop to find the fabric I’m looking for.  Plus by that time the top will be finished and finding border and backing will be easier.

I’ve asked my followers on Tumblr and deviantArt which of these two quilts they want to see finished first.  So far Sparkly Lullaby is in the lead.  Which one would you like to see done first?

A little something

One thing I make sure I’m very aware of when I’m making something is my mood.  If I’m in a bad mood, be it grumpy or angry, I won’t create anything other than paintings, drawings, and writing.  Those are a safer way of getting rid of the negative energy without passing it on to someone else.

When I make a quilt or jewelry I want the person wearing them to be at ease, calm, confident, happy, and relaxed.  I want them to feel better.  If I’m not feeling well when I make these things it gets built into the creation.  That’s not okay at all ever.  I’ve received a few comments from those who have purchased my wares that they feel better when they wear them or the items nearby.  Their anxiety drops, they feel more relaxed, etc.  That’s what I want them to feel.

My paintings are meant to show a feeling, and make the viewer feel it as well.  Not like a curse, but more like a connection between people, an understanding.  That’s important.  I don’t want my work to simply be pleasing to the eye, but I want the viewer to feel something.

The stories I write I choose carefully.  Poetry flows easily for me, but is rarely shared.  Often it’s very dark, broken, fractured.  That tends to be how I feel when I write poetry.

Today I was in a sour mood for awhile because I had failed at something I was trying.  I became frustrated, angry, and disappointed.  So I left my sewing room, not wanting that feeling to be in there.  I got on my computer and played a game.

I contacted a quilter on FreeCycle because she’s looking for fabric of any kind so she can have something to do.  She and her daughter picked up the fabric within an hour of my contacting her.  The way she reacted to my frustration and how grateful she was for receiving pre-cut fabric completely changed my mood.

Immediately after she left I started on the next quilt because I was happy.  My failure wasn’t failure at all.  It was a learning experience, and it resulted in my meeting another quilter.  She mentioned she had only a few patterns and was always looking for more.  I told her about using Google, but she’s nearly 80 years old and rather terrified of the Internet.  Her daughter asked that I email her instead with a list of websites with free patterns.

Now the new quilt I’m working on is being created with joy, ease, and happiness.  I want the person who buys this to feel these things.  I want them to wrap themselves up in the quilt when they need to feel better, and immediately after doing so they smile.  It may be a small smile, but it’s a better moment than what they had before.  That’s important to me.

So, fellow creators, keep in mind how you’re feeling when you make things.  It gets put into your creations, and you don’t want the negative feeling to be there.  Believe me when I say it can be felt, and it lingers for a long time after the wearer removes it (be it jewelry, a scarf, garments, a blanket, etc).

Screaming internally

I was working on a Storm at Sea quilting block by way of foundation paper piecing.  I spent HOURS cutting the fabric as instructed, making the pieces larger than necessary.  Or at least I thought I had.  Turns out I made a few (about 400 pieces) too small.

Hours of cutting fabric and paper wasted.

I’m screaming inside my head right now and no longer want to look at this fabric.

So rather than tossing it all out because I hate wasting material I’ve contacted someone on FreeCycle who’s looking for fabric.  I’ve got all the pieces in separate bags according to size, included the scrap as well as the FPP pattern.  Hopefully she’ll make good use of the fabric.

On a happier note my Etsy funds will be available for me next week.  I’ll be able to get backing for Sparkly Lullaby and I Dream of Elephants.  The two quilts will be available for purchase on Etsy when I finish them.  Hopefully they sell just as quickly as Space Lanterns did.

Now I’m gonna relax and play a game or something.  My back is so angry at me for doing all that cutting.

Maybe in a few weeks, when I’m less angry at the pattern, I’ll try Storm at Sea again.

Space Lanterns is Listed UPDATE

I couldn’t get a decent full size photograph of the quilt, so I made a video instead.  I do have some close-up shots, and you can see these on Etsy where I have the quilt listed.

It’s a very simple and easy pattern, and one of my first blanket quilts.  I’ve mostly made table runners and similar because easy practice and quick finish.

Space Lanterns was sewn by machine and hand-quilted by me.

Update: The quilt sold two hours after listing it.  I’m in tears I’m so happy and shocked.

I Dream of Elephants top finished

The quilt is too big for me to photograph.  If I had a couch I would definitely be able to, but I don’t.  My bedroom has only enough space for the bed and really poor lighting.  So…VIDEO IT IS!  When the quilt is finished I’ll have my husband hold it up for me so I can take pictures.

It’s gonna be about 52″ x 64″.  I just need to make the backing now.  I’ll do that in a couple days.  After finishing this in two days I think I deserve a bit of a break.

The pattern is free, but I can’t remember where I got it online.  I’ll scan it tomorrow and make it available as a PDF download.  It’s just HSTs and REALLY easy.

I Dream of Elephants

That’s the title of the quilt I’m currently making.  The fabrics have elephants throughout them, and they have a sort of silly cute feeling to them.  The pattern is a large lap quilt/small twin size, perfect for naps.  The title seems most fitting.


The fabric came as a set of nine, and the ninth fabric will be used as the binding.  There are a lot of scraps and large sections leftover.  To save myself some money I’ll be creating a scrappy quilt top for the backing.


The quilt consists of only HSTs (half square triangles) in four different sizes.  The pattern is a bit of a puzzle, made in six different sections that are then sewn together.


These are the two sections I’ve completely so far.  The fabrics look so much nicer sewn together than they did laying on their own.  Funny how fabrics will sometimes do that.


That’s what I’m currently working on.  You can see the different sections and how they’re to be sewn together.  As you can see, it’s definitely a puzzle.


That’s what I have left.  Oh, and the full version of the puzzle when it’s put together.

My mother REALLY likes the quilt so far, and it may end up being a mother’s day gift! 😀  She’s a fellow quilter, but gets her quilting done at a shop nearby where she lives.  I told her if she really loves this quilt I’ll send it to her as a sandwich so she can get quilted however she wants, then she can bind it with the ninth fabric, which I’ll also send to her.

Now time for dinner.