My Websites

I have My Etsy Shop where I sell all my crafts.

Right now it’s full of jewelry.  Arthritis in my right hand/wrist prevents me from being able to make anything new.  It just hurts WAY too much, but that’s what happens when you make jewelry for 22 years, right?

Sewn and quilted items will be added now, and I’ll change the name accordingly.  I’ve already adjusted my policies to reflect my new work.

I also have a Fine Art America site where I sell my prints.

Besides crafting I also paint and play with photography.  Watercolors is my preferred medium, and I often mix it with gouache, colored pencils, pastels, and ink.  Photography is something I just randomly do.  It’s usually to capture an image I can refer to later when painting, but sometimes the picture is so awesome I feel it ought to be shared as is.

There’s also my devArt page.

That has ALL my artwork.  Not only do I paint, craft, and play in photography, but I also color line art, doodle, draw, and a few other things.  Yes, I’m very art-oriented.  I grew up around art and crafts, surrounded by colors, patterns, prints, and music.  It’s only natural things have gone this way.

My devArt page isn’t 100% safe for work/SFW, but I have anything mature tagged as such.  Unless you’re a member and have marked NSFW as viewable you won’t see anything marked as mature.  You’ll see everything else if you don’t have an account.

I also have a PayPal page.

If you’re feeling generous feel free to send money or tip me for my work if you make a purchase from my Etsy or Fine Art America sites.  An artist is always happy to receive a tip for their work.  Plus being permanent disabled makes things a bit tight financially.  My husband works full time, and the money I receive from SSI gets eaten alive by bills.  Selling my artwork and quilts is the only way I can bring in extra income.

Then of course there’s my tumblr pages.

There is my main tumblr page.  It’s well tagged and organized, but also quite random and definitely not safe for work/NSFW.  Venture at your own risk.

I also have Blushing In Thedas, one of my tumblr side blogs.  VERY NSFW!!!  Great if you’re a Dragon Age fan.  It’s packed with fanfiction and artwork reblogged from a bunch of other people.  Everything is tagged by character, topic, art or writing, and NSFW if it applies.

My safe tumblr page is Pause a Moment.  It’s nothing but quotes, and lots of them.  This is a very safe page, so no worries about that.

All my fanfiction (100% of which is Dragon Age) is on AO3.

I write a lot of NSFW material.  Unless you’re comfortable with that avoid my AO3.  A lot of people enjoy my writing, and fanfiction is an excellent way to improve my skills and find my style.