Hidden Light

My grandfather died in April and it hit me hard.  It’s one of the reasons I went silent for awhile.  I’m no good at mourning (who is?) and just sort of hid for awhile.  At the same time I needed an outlet, a way to show how I feel and what I remember.

A contest on DeviantArt helped me with this.  The theme is “Hidden Light”.  It’s a collaboration between a visual artist and a writer.  I paired up with https://www.deviantart.com/teague-drydan who wrote a beautiful poem based on my quilt and the description: https://www.deviantart.com/teague-drydan/art/Hidden-Light-749304557


The technique is foundation paper piecing and https://mypatchwork.wordpress.com provided the template/pattern with a tutorial you can see here: https://mypatchwork.wordpress.com/2018/05/06/video-tutorial-morning-star-quilt-block/

Size: 24 x 24 inches
Technique: Foundation Paper Piecing
Quilting style: hand-quilting
Time: 83 hours (FPP is very time consuming)

I started this quilt shortly after my grandfather died. It was difficult to create this, both physically and emotionally, because I felt that emptiness as I made this. At the same time it helped fill that within me because I poured my memories here. My grandfather loved gardening and yard work, he fully supported my grandmother’s quilting and was thrilled when he learned I took up the family tradition, and he made summers so enjoyable for me when I was a child. I remember going for walks through the nearby woods and picking wild strawberries. I remember him telling me which flowers were poisonous and which ones we can eat. I remember him watering the flowers on the massive porch they (my grandfather and grandmother) have, the entire thing abloom with color all spring and summer. I remember so much and cherish those memories. His light is hidden from us now, but it shows up for a few moments here and there. I see this light when I go walking and pass the lilac bushes along the street, when I dance with my husband in the kitchen, when I bake chocolate treats, and when I visit the local lake because he took my sisters and me to the beach all during the summer when we visited him and my grandmother.

The colors I chose reflect these memories. They’re soft but not quite pastel, pops of bold colors coming through in the multi-color prints, the hint-of-a-print in what otherwise looks like solids (the pink has little flowers, the blue is a bit of a paisley).

This is my first time creating this quilt block, and I see all the errors. It was an incredible learning experience. Next time I use this block I’ll print the template to full size (it’s roughly 50% it’s original size here) and make a bit of an optical illusion with color choices. It won’t be anytime soon because I have other projects lined up. It’ll large and loud though! My favorite part is the appearance of round but made using gentle angles. If you’re interested in using the template I have a link at the top of the description to the blog I got it from.



Stained Glass Quilt Center is Finished

I’ve finished the center of the quilt!

The picture with the ironing board is to help give you an idea of just how large it is.

I need to purchase border fabric as well as more black fabric. I’ll do three more borders instead of one like the pattern suggests. Why? The six inch border it calls for doesn’t look enough, it makes it all so narrow looking. The first border I plan on doing will be three inches, then a one inch strip of black, and the final border will be four to six inches. It’ll increase the size of the quilt and give it a bit more oomph. The binding will be black as well. After I finish the top I’ll then purchase backing because I have no idea how much I’ll need.

After I get the backing I’ll then create the sandwich (top, batting, back) and hand-quilt the entire thing. That will take at least two weeks. It looks like the finished price will be around $700-$800. I’m hoping it sells because it’s beautiful, I’ve invested a lot of money in it, and it’s hundreds of hours of work.

The final size will likely be large enough for a full size bed (larger than a twin size).

Taking photographs when it’s finished will be a challenge.

October Shipping Sale

From October 1st to October 31st I will have free US domestic shipping on all purchases of $50 or more.

This includes commissions!

I won’t be reserving anything for you unless it’s something you commissioned me for.  No lay-away or anything similar.

No coupon code is necessary.  The free shipping discount will be applied when you check-out.


Great News!

I have full motion in my wrist.  I can put weight on it for the first time in YEARS.  It’s not stiff or sore or even remotely tender.  Honestly, I didn’t believe my recovery would be this successful; not after seeing how much scar tissue they removed nor the extent of the damage my wrist had suffered.

In a few days or so I’ll return to finishing Space Lanterns, then work on finishing a few other projects I had lined up.  I really wanna do some paper-piecing, and purchased some newsprint paper specifically for that.  I also want to paint and draw and even color line art.  Oh, and I can make jewelry again.


Now I’m gonna finish my sandwich and play Witcher 3.  The gaming has helped a lot with getting flexibility back.