“Nearby Wonder” is officially done.  Many layers of watercolor, followed by India Ink mixed with granulation medium, more watercolor, color pencil, and acrylic paint.  Plus hours of time and a lot of patience.

Nearby Wonder low rez

I have available for purchase as prints and printed on products on RedBubble and Fine Art America.

The original is available for purchase.  With the wide border it’s 22.5 inches x 15 inches.  Without the border (what you see here) it’s 21.5 inches x 13.5 inches.  I’m selling it for $950 USD.  Contact me only if you’re serious about purchasing this.

Here are some examples of things you can purchase via FAA with my painting on them.

bandicam 2017-04-01 19-55-31-426

FAA offers the option of having the print matted and framed for you.  Plus there are several sizes for most of the options offer.  One of the things I love about FAA is the site gives the artist the ability to set their own price, then they add their cut on top of that.  It’s something other similar sites, like RedBubble, doesn’t offer.  RB gives the artist a 20% cut from sales.

These are the purchasing options on RedBubble.  They offer things FAA doesn’t, so check them out if FAA doesn’t have what you want.

bandicam 2017-04-01 19-47-31-459

bandicam 2017-04-01 19-47-38-492

Regardless of what you choose I’ll be grateful that you purchased anything.  Knowing my work is appreciated is satisfying in and of itself.


Making Progress!

Added more layers!  I used a combination of granulation medium, India Ink, and watercolors to get the effect of the background.   I also added more layers to the blue and worked on building the spokes.  I can’t do anymore tonight because the paint is far too wet.  I have just a little more painting left to do, and once it’s dry I’ll be going with my color pencils to build up the details.

I absolutely love how this is turning out!  As usual, it’s not going as planned, but that’s okay.  Realism and exact likeness is never a goal with my watercolors.  I like making things look as though they’re from a dream or nightmare.  Real but not.

I also added listings to my Etsy, RedBubble, and Fine Art America shops.  You can now purchase my original paintings and drawings on Etsy, and prints and products with my artwork on them on RedBubble and Fine Art America.  All ship internationally!

Please consider purchasing from FAA instead of RedBubble if possible.  FAA gives the artist the right to name their own prices, then they add on their own price.  RedBubble doesn’t permit this and will give artists only a 20% cut off the sold item.  Something cost $1?  The seller gets $0.20.

I’ll post more WIP pics tomorrow after I finish what I can.  When the entire painting is finished I’ll make it available for prints and products on RB and FAA.  The original may be listed on Etsy, but only after I go to USPS and FedEx to get a quote on what shipping would cost.  It’s not small, and will require insurance just for my own peace of mind.

Today’s Painting

It’s not finished, and likely won’t be until tomorrow evening.  Possibly later.  Here’s the WIP (work in progress) photos thus far.

6 Nearby Wonder practice

This is the practice painting, on the right.  The left is the reference photo from the Hubble Telescope.  I practice on low-quality paper with low-quality paint in order to figure out if I like the layout, what techniques work/don’t work, etc.  This helped out TREMENDOUSLY!

2 Nearby Wonder colors and supplies

Here are my toys.  Watercolor paints, color pencils, granulation medium, palette paper, brushes, sponges, and water.  I need to replace some paints and restock on colors I don’t have.  Currently I’m broke, but when I can afford it I will definitely be shopping for paint.

1 Nearby Wonder full table

My work space.  It’s my “sewing room” that doubles as an art studio.  Still too small for my liking.

Layers one through four.  Watercolors require a lot of patience, good timing, and plenty of layering in order to get the intensity you want.  Unless you have liquid or concentrated watercolor, then intensity isn’t an issue.  Alas I do not have that luxury.

9 Nearby Wonder fifth layer granulation medium

Here’s where I’m at now.  I mixed granulation medium with turquoise and indigo, but the effects won’t be fully visible until it’s dry.

Tomorrow I’ll continue working on this, adding layers, and when I’m satisfied I’ll start adding in Payne’s Grey and more granulation fluid.  Possibly India ink.  When the paper is completely dry I’ll be able to go in with the color pencils for the details and texture I want.  The entire thing won’t be finished for a couple more days.  After that I’ll have prints available for purchase.  The original painting will also be available for purchase.

I’ll be taking more photographs and will post them here tomorrow.

Extensive absence

I’ve been doing a lot of painting.  By a lot I mean almost daily.

I have several goals, plans, and ideas in mind, and one of them is having panels of my paintings made for a few quilts I would like to make.  Spoonflower offers the option of having fabric created with your own designs on them, and that’s what I’m working on.  I don’t really have the money to purchase the fabric as of yet, but when I do there will definitely be some really awesome quilts made.

Currently I’m doing a lot of practice paintings, learning new techniques, and sharpening my skills.  The ones I feel worthy of showing are available for purchase from Fine Art America (they ship internationally) and RedBubble (they don’t pay the artist as much as FAA).  You can purchase prints as well as items with my work on them.  FAA offers the option of matting and framing the print(s) for you.

Besides painting I’m also working on drawings.  Mostly portraits, but I’ll be adding in a few other things as well.  Progress has been rough because I’m my own worst critic.  Thankfully I’m not a perfectionist.

I’m not making new quilts yet because my “sewing room” is currently serving as my art studio.  It’s a very small room with little space for doing more than one project at a time.  Space Lanterns is slowly coming along with the hand-quilting.  I still have pain in my wrist and require frequent breaks.  Thankfully painting isn’t nearly so taxing.

I’ll keep you updated on new things as they come along.  Go check out the print shops.  Maybe you’ll see something you like?

Working on another portrait

I do nearly all my drawing in the evening.  Helps me chill out and clear my head.  Unfortunately I have the very worst lighting in my living room.  I think I’m doing pretty well considering this.


This is Zevran from Dragon Age: Origins.  Dragon Age is my favorite video game series, and Zevran is a favorite character.

I used to be really good at drawing portraits, but I had to give up drawing for long time due to my wrist issues.  This is only my second portrait since my surgery, and already I’m seeing rapid improvement.

The blending will be done when I’m satisfied with the overall drawing.  So far so good!

Self Portrait


February 12, 2017 marked 15 years as a survivor.

On February 12, 2002 I was violently raped by someone I loved and trusted.  A childhood friend I would never have thought capable of doing this to anyone.

Every February is a brutal month of surviving, mentally reliving what happened, and remembering I’m here, alive, and though I was broken I pieced myself back together.  I’m not who I was before it happened, that girl died.  I’m someone and something else.

It gets easier every year, but only by small measurements.  I spent February 12, 2017 painting all day, and couldn’t stay awake past 8pm.  I had to force myself to stay awake so I could take my medication at 9pm.  I woke up a half dozen times, sweating, shaking, and finally got out of bed at 10am.

This is my first self-portrait in over ten years.  My last was done in college and only as an assignment.

I never thought I’d create a self-portrait.  I love the way I look in photographs, and I used a photograph as reference.  It’s just…so different than what I thought it would be.  I have more texture to my face, more lines, and as I study the photograph while drawing I’m seeing more details than I thought were there.

Many would call them flaws.

They’re the marks of a survivor, battle scars, memory lines.

This isn’t the face of me 15 years ago.  It isn’t the face of the naive 18-year-old girl.  What I’m drew is the face of a 33-year-old woman who has seen, felt, experienced, and survived everything life has thrown at her.

I never thought I’d see this face.  Suicide was always tugging, pulling, held by the weight of shame, guilt, grief, self-loathing, self-hatred, and so many other emotions.  I was broken for so long.

This is my face, and I love it.
Prints and items with this printed on them are available on Red Bubble and Fine Art America.