A little something

One thing I make sure I’m very aware of when I’m making something is my mood.  If I’m in a bad mood, be it grumpy or angry, I won’t create anything other than paintings, drawings, and writing.  Those are a safer way of getting rid of the negative energy without passing it on to someone else.

When I make a quilt or jewelry I want the person wearing them to be at ease, calm, confident, happy, and relaxed.  I want them to feel better.  If I’m not feeling well when I make these things it gets built into the creation.  That’s not okay at all ever.  I’ve received a few comments from those who have purchased my wares that they feel better when they wear them or the items nearby.  Their anxiety drops, they feel more relaxed, etc.  That’s what I want them to feel.

My paintings are meant to show a feeling, and make the viewer feel it as well.  Not like a curse, but more like a connection between people, an understanding.  That’s important.  I don’t want my work to simply be pleasing to the eye, but I want the viewer to feel something.

The stories I write I choose carefully.  Poetry flows easily for me, but is rarely shared.  Often it’s very dark, broken, fractured.  That tends to be how I feel when I write poetry.

Today I was in a sour mood for awhile because I had failed at something I was trying.  I became frustrated, angry, and disappointed.  So I left my sewing room, not wanting that feeling to be in there.  I got on my computer and played a game.

I contacted a quilter on FreeCycle because she’s looking for fabric of any kind so she can have something to do.  She and her daughter picked up the fabric within an hour of my contacting her.  The way she reacted to my frustration and how grateful she was for receiving pre-cut fabric completely changed my mood.

Immediately after she left I started on the next quilt because I was happy.  My failure wasn’t failure at all.  It was a learning experience, and it resulted in my meeting another quilter.  She mentioned she had only a few patterns and was always looking for more.  I told her about using Google, but she’s nearly 80 years old and rather terrified of the Internet.  Her daughter asked that I email her instead with a list of websites with free patterns.

Now the new quilt I’m working on is being created with joy, ease, and happiness.  I want the person who buys this to feel these things.  I want them to wrap themselves up in the quilt when they need to feel better, and immediately after doing so they smile.  It may be a small smile, but it’s a better moment than what they had before.  That’s important to me.

So, fellow creators, keep in mind how you’re feeling when you make things.  It gets put into your creations, and you don’t want the negative feeling to be there.  Believe me when I say it can be felt, and it lingers for a long time after the wearer removes it (be it jewelry, a scarf, garments, a blanket, etc).

Extensive absence

I’ve been doing a lot of painting.  By a lot I mean almost daily.

I have several goals, plans, and ideas in mind, and one of them is having panels of my paintings made for a few quilts I would like to make.  Spoonflower offers the option of having fabric created with your own designs on them, and that’s what I’m working on.  I don’t really have the money to purchase the fabric as of yet, but when I do there will definitely be some really awesome quilts made.

Currently I’m doing a lot of practice paintings, learning new techniques, and sharpening my skills.  The ones I feel worthy of showing are available for purchase from Fine Art America (they ship internationally) and RedBubble (they don’t pay the artist as much as FAA).  You can purchase prints as well as items with my work on them.  FAA offers the option of matting and framing the print(s) for you.

Besides painting I’m also working on drawings.  Mostly portraits, but I’ll be adding in a few other things as well.  Progress has been rough because I’m my own worst critic.  Thankfully I’m not a perfectionist.

I’m not making new quilts yet because my “sewing room” is currently serving as my art studio.  It’s a very small room with little space for doing more than one project at a time.  Space Lanterns is slowly coming along with the hand-quilting.  I still have pain in my wrist and require frequent breaks.  Thankfully painting isn’t nearly so taxing.

I’ll keep you updated on new things as they come along.  Go check out the print shops.  Maybe you’ll see something you like?

Getting some painting done

It’s been months since I last painted.  Nearly a year, in fact.  Today I decided to start a painting and so far it’s looking great.

I’ve finished the third layer tonight, but the paint is too wet for photographs.  Tomorrow I’ll more colors, likely several layers.  When it’s all dry I’ll add the details using colored pencils.  They’ll also give it a nice texture.

When the painting is finished I’ll post it on Red Bubble and Fine Art America, making it available for purchase.

I’m still working on Space Lanterns, but it’s slow-going.  Painting is significantly easier since my wrist surgery, and I’m absolutely taking advantage of that.  I miss the joy of painting, the flow of the watercolors, the freedom and focus necessary to create.

More photographs will be posted as I make progress.

Great News!

I have full motion in my wrist.  I can put weight on it for the first time in YEARS.  It’s not stiff or sore or even remotely tender.  Honestly, I didn’t believe my recovery would be this successful; not after seeing how much scar tissue they removed nor the extent of the damage my wrist had suffered.

In a few days or so I’ll return to finishing Space Lanterns, then work on finishing a few other projects I had lined up.  I really wanna do some paper-piecing, and purchased some newsprint paper specifically for that.  I also want to paint and draw and even color line art.  Oh, and I can make jewelry again.


Now I’m gonna finish my sandwich and play Witcher 3.  The gaming has helped a lot with getting flexibility back.

Extended Absence

I’m so sorry for having disappeared.  As many of you may know, I had wrist surgery in November.  Recovery has been going well, but not as fast as I’d like.  I’m now able to type without pain, I can write by hand again, and even hold a game controller.  Currently I’m still unable to put much pressure on my right hand due to not being able to take the weight.  It’s still too painful.  I do wall push-ups to force more flexibility and strength, which is helping, but it’s still very slow.

My sewing room is a fridge, which makes motivation to be in there very weak.  We don’t have vents in this house.  Our heat is from a gas fireplace (that looks like a wood burning stove) set in a corner of the house.  Other than that it’s space heaters.  I don’t like having the space heaters on in every room if we’re not in them.  Electric bill and all that jazz being as it is.  I turned my heater on in my room today and it was 43 F.  It took five hours to hit 60 F.  Yeah, I’m not gonna bother with any sewing for awhile because of the cold.

I’ll continue hand-quilting Space Lanterns in a week or so.  Updates on that will be posted when I get to it.

It’s been an eventful time, not all good, not all bad.  Just…busy.  I’ve been playing with makeup a lot, getting back into the swing of things.  I didn’t realize just HOW MUCH work my wrist does regarding makeup application until it didn’t hurt. LOL Great exercise!  Plus I can create soooo many new looks.  I’ve been posting a lot of selfies on my other website because makeup is so much fun!

How has your year been so far?

Recovering from Surgery

November 16th I had my wrist surgery, and yesterday the splint was removed.  I’m now in a brace and have about four to eight weeks or recovery left.  The brace is removed periodically during the day for flexibility exercises, showering, and ice packs.  Already I’m noting a HUGE improvement.

My pinky and ring finger on my right hand are able to move without causing me to wince.  I can type without pain shooting up to my shoulder, though typing is kept short for now.  Washing my hair was easier, even with the post-surgery pain.  It’s little things that, over the last five or so years, have faded away.

By February I should be back at what I love doing: making jewelry, quilting, painting, and drawing.  Basically using my hands and creating.

Between now and then it’s slow-going, taking it easy, and doing the wrist exercises assigned to me.  I may be able to do some hand-quilting on Space Lanterns in a couple weeks.  Right now putting any pressure on my right wrist is too much, and this includes brushing my hair.  My left hand has been doing all the work for a couple weeks, and will be doing so for awhile longer.

As for lack of updates lately, that’s due to the pain and my being in a splint.  I was typing with just my left hand, which wasn’t working out so well because half the letters on my keyboard are gone.  If I don’t look at it while typing with BOTH hands there’s no issue.

I’ll post updates as things improve, but it may be quiet for awhile.

Oh, I did get approved for Medicaid, which then went back to October 1st and covered all my doctor visits between then and now.  I don’t have to pay a dime for my surgery, which would have cost me upwards of almost $2000 USD with just Medicare.

How are the rest of you doing?

Update about my wrist!

I’ll be getting surgery done to fix my wrist on November 16th.  Out-of-pocket costs, after Medicare, will be between $547 to $1125.  The reason it’s a BIG range is because the anesthesia office couldn’t give me a solid number.  It all depends on the length of the surgery.  The surgery itself is 20 minutes, but it’s allotted for an hour for me to be put under.

Recovery will be about a week, possibly less because I heal really fast.

Unfortunately, paying the out-of-pocket costs will be a HUGE dent for us financially.  I’m disabled and my husband, though working full-time, doesn’t make enough for us to cover the cost without major wincing.  We’ll have three months to pay it off, and after that it goes to collections and interested is added.

If you fancy purchasing any of my art or craft work please check out this post I made regarding that.

Another positive is I’m now fully recovered from pneumonia.  I have only the annoying residual cough.