Summarized Life Update

When I say summary I mean it.  A lot has happened.

July 11th our home caught on fire.  We didn’t lose anything, thank the Gods, but we did lose our home.  We’re renters with renters insurance, and that saved us a lot of trouble.  They took excellent care of us.  For the next three weeks we lived in a hotel 50 miles from my husband’s workplace (that was a nightmare and a half) with our two cats (now officially registered emotional support animals).  We spent that time home hunting.  Originally we wanted to buy a home, but nothing was within our price range, and what we could afford no mortgage company would help us.  We then turned to renting again, and that was just as difficult to find.  After hundreds of hours of hunting we found a home perfect for us.  It’s a three bedroom, two bath, double-wide manufactured modular house ten miles from my husband’s workplace.  It’s in a quiet area just outside city limits, the property sits on nearly a full acre of land, had two apricot trees, and a lot of space for gardening.  The fence needs repairing and replacing because of all the deer, and there are a lot of birdhouses and bird feeders to keep the cats entertained from the sun room.

We moved in on August 3rd.  On August 9th the cleaning and moving company delivered our now smoke-free belongings.  We’re about 50% finished with the unpacking.

August 8th I had the worst seizure I’ve had in years (I have epilepsy) and scared my poor husband half to death.  We knew the seizure was going to occur anytime, seeing as the worst of the stress was now done.  My brain decided it was safe to let go.  I pulled a few things, I’m covered in scrapes, scratches, and bruises, and need to take it easy for a few more days.  My tongue is a mess, and I bit my lip as well.  That very afternoon I had gone to see my neurologist, and we decided to raise the dosage of my medicine by 50 mg.  The raise in dosage has helped; I’m not longer having smaller seizures throughout the day.  It’s too early to tell how effective the dosage will be, but it’s looking promising.

In a week the unpacking will be finished.  I’ll then take new photographs of my quilts and other projects.  I’ll also work on finishing the coaster sets I had been making before the fire.

We need to get a dining room set (secondhand is just fine), a sofa or loveseat, washer and dryer, and a few other things.  We’ll get the washer and dryer during Labor Day weekend, which is just a month away.  That’s when the best sales are; otherwise we’ll be waiting until Thanksgiving, and I hate combat shopping.  We’re likely going to get a futon sofa and cover it with pillows.  We have plenty of pillows for that.  A futon sofa will be far less expensive, and there are a lot of places that sell them.  Plus it’ll fit the room better.  We would like to get two of them, but it all depends on the price.

I’ll take photographs of our home when we’re done unpacking.  My Etsy shop will be opened after I take new photographs of my work.

Now I’m off to work on unpacking my sewing room.  I’m working one room at a time.  After the sewing room I’ll work on our bedroom, and then the living room.  I’m hoping to have this all done within a week.

How have the rest of you been doing?


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