Making Progress on my Projects

I decided to scrap the place mats and make them into coasters instead.  More economical that way.  They’ll be sold in sets of six with six colors each.  I have 36 coaster.  Currently all I need to do is quilt them, which I’ll do with my sewing machine because it’ll be faster.


I used a log cabin crazy quilt block design and made these using scraps.  I did have to purchase fabric for the red and orange because I don’t generally use those colors.

The rainbow fabric is from Time Treasures, and it’s absolutely PERFECT.  I have some left after cutting the amount I need for the backing.  Each of the coasters are six inches, the backing is ten inches as is the batting.  The batting I’m using is 100% polyester and really fluffy, but the quilting design I plan on using will keep the fluff from getting out of hand.

I should have these finished by this weekend, washed next week, and listed on Etsy next weekend.  Yay!  It’ll be $60/set of coasters.

I’ve also just finished the top for a table mat!


It’s made entirely from batiks.  The purple strips will be the binding.  My sister gave me a charm pack of batiks and they made for the perfect little table mat.  After making this I’ve decided I’ll never make this block again.  It’s called the Cross Block and it’s so incredibly tedious.

Currently I’m waiting for my mom to reply to me regarding who in the family will love this.  I like getting ahead of all the holiday gift-making.  Less stress for me.  If she can’t figure out who would love this I’ll list it on Etsy next weekend.


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