Picnic Tea Party update

With my wrist finally feeling better I got to work on quilting Picnic Tea Party.  It’s too large for my small quilting frame, which is kind of a good thing because the temperature has risen quite a bit here.  We don’t have an air conditioner, and having a quilt on my lap when it’s 90 F just doesn’t sound like fun.  My large frame takes care of that problem.

The quilt and frame have taken over my sewing room.  When not in there I have to keep the door closed because of my cats.  I learned long ago they think it’s a hammock.  Not this time!  The door’s open only while I’m in there.  Jasper thinks he’s being helpful though.


I think he’s just enjoying the shade and slightly cooler temperature under there.  By the way, the backing is fantastic!  A lovely batik in various greens with a fern print on them.  Couldn’t ask for anything better for a picnic blanket, right?  Grass stains will be invisible!

I had to fold up my table and ironing board to make space for the frame.  The living room really isn’t an option because it’s very hot out there and this make walking through the living room impossible.   Fine by me considering the lack of distractions in my sewing room.

I’m sewing around each of the blocks and an X through them as well.  To get the straight lines I use medium adhesive painter’s tape as a guideline.  It barely sticks, leaves no residue, and does the job.  I tried using one of my rulers, but it kept moving while I quilted.  Not amused.

The quilting is about 80% finished.  The edges will be done using my smaller frame, and that will be rather fast.  I’ll work on that part in the early morning when the house hasn’t warmed up at all.

The batting is a low loft 100% polyester, making this ideal for use in warmer weather.  It’s originally designed to be a picnic blanket, but the buyer can decide for themselves if they want to use it as such.  It’ll be great for a light cuddling!  The finished size will be about 60″ x 60″ with solid brown for the binding.

A little bit of info regarding the extra material around the quilt.  When quilting the batting and backing get pulled in.  It doesn’t seem like much until you finish and see how much less you have left.  I suggest that for hand-quilting you have a minimum of two extra inches on all four sides, while for machine quilting no less than four inches on each side.

This will likely be finished by Wednesday.  I’m working on it for about ten hours a day, and it’s been two days of hand-quilting.  I won’t be pricing it at the full price I ought to for the number of hours I’ve worked on it.  Why?  I want this to be affordable to more people.  This quilt in particular I’ll be pricing at $275, though my husband wants me to put it at $375 minimum.  No, I’ll keep it at $275; that covers all the materials and a good portion of the labor.


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