I Dream of Elephants is finished!

It took awhile but it was worth all the work.  Here are a few WIP pics as well as before being washed and washing.


I had just finished all the hand-quilting at 11:30pm, was well past slap-happy, and wanted to take a few shots before adding the binding.  I had a different print in mind for the binding, but changed my mind after setting the fabric next to the quilt.  This polka dot print works so much better.

Here I’ve attached the binding by machine and then followed up with attaching it to the back by hand.  The backing wasn’t quilt long enough so I attached a few scrap pieces in no particular order.  I love that it really ties in the back with the front.

The binding is now finished, but the quilt hasn’t been washed yet.  It isn’t until washing that it really comes to life.  The batting fluffs up, the hand-quilting tightens up a bit, and it overall looks more alive.  I really love how much lighter the binding fabric is.  The original I had chosen was more like the bird fabric you see in the bottom picture, only the fabric was lime green with blue, grey, and orange birds.  It was part of the collection, but in the end it didn’t work well as binding.  It would have made the quilt look heavier and taken away from how lively it feels.

The grey backing was an excellent choice.  The top has a very geometric design but the prints have a more organic look to them.  The backing ties into that very well with it’s soft geometric design.  Here you can see the results of the quilt being washed.  The hand-quilting tightened up, and in turn made all the sections fluff up more.  It’s so soft!

The finished quilt is 64 inches x 52 inches and available for purchase here on my Etsy shop.  I ship worldwide!  Sewn by machine, hand-quilted, many hours of work, and worth every minute of it.


Jasper decided to celebrate finishing the hand-quilting as well.


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