I Dream of Elephants hand-quilting WIP

Here’s some WIP photos of I Dream of Elephants.

I sew the pieces together by machine, but I do the quilting by hand.

The thread I’m using is variegated, meaning it’s multiple colors.  You can see it more clearly on the back, as well as the details of the stitching.

I’m about 25% done with the hand-quilting, and will definitely have it finished by Thursday for washing.  After a quilt is washed the seams pucker a bit, and this makes the quilt fluffy and all the different sections are like little pillows.  A quilt isn’t a quilt until after it has been washed.

After the quilt is washed I’ll take photographs of it and list it on Etsy for purchase.  I hope these pictures better explain why I price the quilts the way I do.  Time + cost of materials + labor = final price.  This is looking to be about $425 when finished.

The binding, the part that goes around the outside edges of the quilt, is part of this fabric collection and is the same color as the edge of the flowers in the close-up shot.


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