Sparkly Lullaby hand-quilting

I’ve started the long process of hand-quilting Sparkly Lullaby.  It’ll be at least a week before it’s finished.  I’ve tried machine quilting and free-motion quilting as well as quilt-while-you-go, but I just…can’t really get into it.  Plus I have very little space in my sewing room for that.  If I had a larger desk and more space I’d likely be all about it, but for now it’s done by hand.

I’m using a variegated thread.  It’s a BEAUTIFUL pastel thread I got on my recent trip to Joann Fabrics, and so far it’s holding up.  No breaking, tangling, or anything.  I use Thread Magic to keep the thread moving smooth, and that may have something to do with it.

As for why I’m using a variegated thread…well, there’s so many colors to choose from, and I don’t wanna use just one.  Switching threads its annoying.  Plus this thread is so pretty!

I’ll post the quilt on Etsy when it’s finished.  Hopefully it sells as fast as the last one!


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