Two Quilts Nearly Finished!

I forgot to take a photograph of I Dream of Elephants when I finished the quilt top.  So here you go!  Yesterday I purchased the backing for it, which took forever to find btw.  I wanted a nice gender-neutral backing with elephants on it.  No such luck.  I purchased a geometric grey and white fabric.  The pattern on the backing will be what I use as my guid for hand-quilting.

All I need to do with Sparkly Lullaby is add another border.  I’m thinking of using white because it’s a calmer quilt, and the the white will bring out all the other colors.  The backing is an intense floral that perfectly matches the colors on the top.

I purchased variegated thread for the hand-quilting on both these quilts.  I don’t want to use just one color, and variegated is SO MUCH FUN!

Oh, and yes, I’m still working on a third quilt top.  It’s Picnic Tea Party, a log cabin pattern that looks a bit like a scrap quilt.  I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to find a green and brown backing so the person who buys the quilt won’t feel guilty about grass stains.  Alas, no such luck.  I found something near to what I wanted, but it was end-of-bolt pieces.  I’ll use the scraps from top for the backing unless one of the other two quilts sells before then.  I’ll use the money at a different shop to find the fabric I’m looking for.  Plus by that time the top will be finished and finding border and backing will be easier.

I’ve asked my followers on Tumblr and deviantArt which of these two quilts they want to see finished first.  So far Sparkly Lullaby is in the lead.  Which one would you like to see done first?


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