Screaming internally

I was working on a Storm at Sea quilting block by way of foundation paper piecing.  I spent HOURS cutting the fabric as instructed, making the pieces larger than necessary.  Or at least I thought I had.  Turns out I made a few (about 400 pieces) too small.

Hours of cutting fabric and paper wasted.

I’m screaming inside my head right now and no longer want to look at this fabric.

So rather than tossing it all out because I hate wasting material I’ve contacted someone on FreeCycle who’s looking for fabric.  I’ve got all the pieces in separate bags according to size, included the scrap as well as the FPP pattern.  Hopefully she’ll make good use of the fabric.

On a happier note my Etsy funds will be available for me next week.  I’ll be able to get backing for Sparkly Lullaby and I Dream of Elephants.  The two quilts will be available for purchase on Etsy when I finish them.  Hopefully they sell just as quickly as Space Lanterns did.

Now I’m gonna relax and play a game or something.  My back is so angry at me for doing all that cutting.

Maybe in a few weeks, when I’m less angry at the pattern, I’ll try Storm at Sea again.


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