I Dream of Elephants

That’s the title of the quilt I’m currently making.  The fabrics have elephants throughout them, and they have a sort of silly cute feeling to them.  The pattern is a large lap quilt/small twin size, perfect for naps.  The title seems most fitting.


The fabric came as a set of nine, and the ninth fabric will be used as the binding.  There are a lot of scraps and large sections leftover.  To save myself some money I’ll be creating a scrappy quilt top for the backing.


The quilt consists of only HSTs (half square triangles) in four different sizes.  The pattern is a bit of a puzzle, made in six different sections that are then sewn together.


These are the two sections I’ve completely so far.  The fabrics look so much nicer sewn together than they did laying on their own.  Funny how fabrics will sometimes do that.


That’s what I’m currently working on.  You can see the different sections and how they’re to be sewn together.  As you can see, it’s definitely a puzzle.


That’s what I have left.  Oh, and the full version of the puzzle when it’s put together.

My mother REALLY likes the quilt so far, and it may end up being a mother’s day gift! 😀  She’s a fellow quilter, but gets her quilting done at a shop nearby where she lives.  I told her if she really loves this quilt I’ll send it to her as a sandwich so she can get quilted however she wants, then she can bind it with the ninth fabric, which I’ll also send to her.

Now time for dinner.


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