Making Progress!

Added more layers!  I used a combination of granulation medium, India Ink, and watercolors to get the effect of the background.   I also added more layers to the blue and worked on building the spokes.  I can’t do anymore tonight because the paint is far too wet.  I have just a little more painting left to do, and once it’s dry I’ll be going with my color pencils to build up the details.

I absolutely love how this is turning out!  As usual, it’s not going as planned, but that’s okay.  Realism and exact likeness is never a goal with my watercolors.  I like making things look as though they’re from a dream or nightmare.  Real but not.

I also added listings to my Etsy, RedBubble, and Fine Art America shops.  You can now purchase my original paintings and drawings on Etsy, and prints and products with my artwork on them on RedBubble and Fine Art America.  All ship internationally!

Please consider purchasing from FAA instead of RedBubble if possible.  FAA gives the artist the right to name their own prices, then they add on their own price.  RedBubble doesn’t permit this and will give artists only a 20% cut off the sold item.  Something cost $1?  The seller gets $0.20.

I’ll post more WIP pics tomorrow after I finish what I can.  When the entire painting is finished I’ll make it available for prints and products on RB and FAA.  The original may be listed on Etsy, but only after I go to USPS and FedEx to get a quote on what shipping would cost.  It’s not small, and will require insurance just for my own peace of mind.


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