Today’s Painting

It’s not finished, and likely won’t be until tomorrow evening.  Possibly later.  Here’s the WIP (work in progress) photos thus far.

6 Nearby Wonder practice

This is the practice painting, on the right.  The left is the reference photo from the Hubble Telescope.  I practice on low-quality paper with low-quality paint in order to figure out if I like the layout, what techniques work/don’t work, etc.  This helped out TREMENDOUSLY!

2 Nearby Wonder colors and supplies

Here are my toys.  Watercolor paints, color pencils, granulation medium, palette paper, brushes, sponges, and water.  I need to replace some paints and restock on colors I don’t have.  Currently I’m broke, but when I can afford it I will definitely be shopping for paint.

1 Nearby Wonder full table

My work space.  It’s my “sewing room” that doubles as an art studio.  Still too small for my liking.

Layers one through four.  Watercolors require a lot of patience, good timing, and plenty of layering in order to get the intensity you want.  Unless you have liquid or concentrated watercolor, then intensity isn’t an issue.  Alas I do not have that luxury.

9 Nearby Wonder fifth layer granulation medium

Here’s where I’m at now.  I mixed granulation medium with turquoise and indigo, but the effects won’t be fully visible until it’s dry.

Tomorrow I’ll continue working on this, adding layers, and when I’m satisfied I’ll start adding in Payne’s Grey and more granulation fluid.  Possibly India ink.  When the paper is completely dry I’ll be able to go in with the color pencils for the details and texture I want.  The entire thing won’t be finished for a couple more days.  After that I’ll have prints available for purchase.  The original painting will also be available for purchase.

I’ll be taking more photographs and will post them here tomorrow.


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