Recovering from Surgery

November 16th I had my wrist surgery, and yesterday the splint was removed.  I’m now in a brace and have about four to eight weeks or recovery left.  The brace is removed periodically during the day for flexibility exercises, showering, and ice packs.  Already I’m noting a HUGE improvement.

My pinky and ring finger on my right hand are able to move without causing me to wince.  I can type without pain shooting up to my shoulder, though typing is kept short for now.  Washing my hair was easier, even with the post-surgery pain.  It’s little things that, over the last five or so years, have faded away.

By February I should be back at what I love doing: making jewelry, quilting, painting, and drawing.  Basically using my hands and creating.

Between now and then it’s slow-going, taking it easy, and doing the wrist exercises assigned to me.  I may be able to do some hand-quilting on Space Lanterns in a couple weeks.  Right now putting any pressure on my right wrist is too much, and this includes brushing my hair.  My left hand has been doing all the work for a couple weeks, and will be doing so for awhile longer.

As for lack of updates lately, that’s due to the pain and my being in a splint.  I was typing with just my left hand, which wasn’t working out so well because half the letters on my keyboard are gone.  If I don’t look at it while typing with BOTH hands there’s no issue.

I’ll post updates as things improve, but it may be quiet for awhile.

Oh, I did get approved for Medicaid, which then went back to October 1st and covered all my doctor visits between then and now.  I don’t have to pay a dime for my surgery, which would have cost me upwards of almost $2000 USD with just Medicare.

How are the rest of you doing?


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