Update about my wrist!

I’ll be getting surgery done to fix my wrist on November 16th.  Out-of-pocket costs, after Medicare, will be between $547 to $1125.  The reason it’s a BIG range is because the anesthesia office couldn’t give me a solid number.  It all depends on the length of the surgery.  The surgery itself is 20 minutes, but it’s allotted for an hour for me to be put under.

Recovery will be about a week, possibly less because I heal really fast.

Unfortunately, paying the out-of-pocket costs will be a HUGE dent for us financially.  I’m disabled and my husband, though working full-time, doesn’t make enough for us to cover the cost without major wincing.  We’ll have three months to pay it off, and after that it goes to collections and interested is added.

If you fancy purchasing any of my art or craft work please check out this post I made regarding that.

Another positive is I’m now fully recovered from pneumonia.  I have only the annoying residual cough.


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