Etsy Coupon Code

Use coupon code AUTUMNRUSH2016 for 25% off a purchase of $30 or more from my Etsy shop.  Expires December 1st, 2016.

The coupon code is valid for everything in my shop.  I have jewelry supplies, finished jewelry, as well as quilted items.

I no longer make jewelry, hence why I’m selling all the beads and cords.  I don’t have all my jewelry supplies listed there.  If you’re seriously interested in purchasing beads, pendants, or other supplies I may have feel free to contact me there.

All money from the sales will go towards the wrist surgery I desperately need.  You can find all the information regarding my surgery on my YouCaring page.  I need $2k for out-of-pocket costs because my insurance, Medicare, doesn’t cover everything.

UPDATE: Until further notice I won’t be working on anything new.  The pain in my wrist is too severe, and pushing myself is only causing it get worse.  All my new stuff has been mediocre because of this.  I’ll continue working on Space Lanterns, but it’ll be touch-and-go.  Until I receive the surgery I won’t be able to make anything new.  What I have listed in my Etsy shop is all that’s available until Space Lanterns is finished.


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