Finished a Sparkly Quilt Top

I’ve named the quilt “Sparkly Lullaby” for reasons that will soon be obvious.

17 hours of work, nearly 400 pieces, and here’s what I’ve got.  Due to lack of money I won’t be able to purchase fabric for the outer border or backing.  I’ve looked through my stash but nothing suits this.  Until further notice this is now neatly folded and hanging in my closet with a note attached regarding the pattern and fabric needed.

It was only after I made a video that I noticed I had switched two rows.  Considering the amount of work done and what would be required to switch the rows…I opted to leave it as is.

Now I’ll return to working on Space Lanterns because I really wanna see that finished.  My wrist just hasn’t been cooperating with me, making hand-quilting very painful and difficult.  Sewing this quilt top caused little to no pain, and the instant gratification helped improve my mood.


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