My Workspace

I took some photographs of my sewing room shortly after I vacuumed and cleaned up the remnants of projects I’d been working on.  Have a look!

I stopped counting how many times I’ve fallen down those stairs.  I swear, I have permanent bruises because o fthem.

My cutting table is a standard plastic folding table you see at craft shows and conventions, my ironing board is in front of my closet, the desk is too high, and there’s very little room to move around when I have my ironing board set up.  All those dark brown drawers are filled with fabric, the bookshelf has patterns, art books, some of my finished drawings and colored stuff, as well as my makeup and personal jewelry.  Oh, and fabric I couldn’t fit in the drawers.  Oops?

The big white thing is what we call The Monster or The Beast.  It’s HUGE.  Holds lots of stuff, takes up lots of space, and is really heavy.  All solid wood, and I got it as a gift from someone who got it an auction for $80 USD.

So, hey, there you have it.  That’s my sewing room.  When we have guests over they always bring out how incredibly different my room feels from my husband’s man-cave.  They also note how very calm, serene, and quiet it feels in there.  What cracks me up is I’m always keeping busy when in there.

What does your workspace look like?


7 thoughts on “My Workspace

    1. Thank you! Growing up the military meant moving around a lot, and staying organized made things so much easier. Everything has its place. Being the eldest I always got the smallest room, and if stuff isn’t put where it belongs I lose A LOT of space. That mentality has stuck around, which is very helpful with a sewing room.

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