A few finished things

I finished my sister-in-law’s quilt a few weeks ago, but finally got around to taking photographs today.  I have no play I can hang it up (believe me, I tried) and had to resort to standing on a chair with the quilt on the floor and do my best not to fall.

I sewed the pieces together using my machine and spent several weeks hand-quilting this.  There was an extended break due to my wrist.  Personally, I’ll be thrilled to never see this quilt again.  I’m not a fan of earth tones.  My sister-in-law, Kimmy, LOVE earth tones and her favorite color is orange.

My mother gave me all the fabric (a big stack of fat quarters) last summer.  I altered a pattern due to an error in measurements, and this is the result.  Kind of wild!  The binding has a beautiful metallic gold strip between the colored stripes.  I absolutely LOVE the backing.  The batting is 100% polyester, medium loft, hence the super fluffy finish.

Now if anyone is interested in buying this I’ll sell it for $3500.  Kimmy will understand, and I’ll just make a new quilt for her.

This measures 72″ x 48″.  A great couch quilt!

Because I’ve had to take a break from hand-quilting Space Lanterns I decided to make a simple table runner.

It took only two days, and all the quilting was done on my machine.  The final result looks like the butterflies are trying to fly away, and in turn they’re pulling the fabric with them.  I absolutely love it!  I’ll have it listed on Etsy this weekend.  It needs to be washed.

The table runner measures 35″ x 15.5″

The quilting resulted in it being a bit stiff, which is actually great for table runners and place mats.  I was tempted to make a set of matching place mats but decided against it.

I’ll be working on Space Lanterns tomorrow.  I’m about 50% done with the hand-quilting.  It likely won’t be done until next week.  My goal is to finish it by next Friday because Saturday is when my husband goes to the laundromat.  If it’s done by Friday it’ll be washed on Saturday.



2 thoughts on “A few finished things

    1. Thank you! I forgot to write down the pattern details, but I do remember it was along the lines of “well that’s different” because it was from another pattern but I messed up on the measuring. Happy mistake! I love that what I look at it the quilt always has something interesting to it, be it the movement or pattern to non-pattern visuals. Kinda messes with you but is so much fun at the same time.

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