Taking a Break and Updates

My wrist decided to be angry with me as I quilted Space Lanterns, and in turn I’ve had to take a break.  Said break involves doing little to nothing, wearing a very uncomfortable brace, and frequent use of ice packs.

The source of my pain is a 100% torn ligament in my wrist.  I can barely right by hand due to the pain.  The torn ends of the ligament get between the bones of my wrist, producing a grinding feeling and sound, lots of swelling, and a whole lot of pain.  It was properly diagnosed in June, but I’ve been dealing with it for 5+ years.  In order to get rid of the pain, swelling, and prevent osteoarthritis from developing I require surgery.  Due to the scar tissue and extensive tearing and damage the ligament ends will likely be removed.  It’s really the best option.  A grafting from another ligament will likely be rejected due to the scar tissue, and stitching the two ends together will just as likely tear again because of the scar tissue.  Both of those options require the bones in my wrist be screwed together and a second surgery to remove the screws.  I’d rather have the ligament removed.

The only reason I haven’t had the surgery is because of the out-of-pocket costs.  My insurance, Medicare, won’t cover everything.  I was quoted with having to pay $700 to $2k in out-of-pocket costs.  I’m disabled, my husband and I recently paid off a mountain of my previous medical bills (over $1k), and had to have new tires and brakes put on the car.  We have no money to spare for the surgery.

I’ve set up a You Caring page where people can donate for me to afford the surgery.  You can donate anonymously there.  If you’d rather purchase work instead of donate I have links in my side bar for Etsy and Fine Art America.

When the pain goes down in my wrist I’ll be able to continue quilting.  It’s been nearly a week, and I’m going a bit mad due to the frustration.  Typing certainly isn’t helping, but it’s the best way to keep people up-to-date online.

Thank you for reading this and considering helping me out.


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