Hand-Quilting Space Lanterns Now

I made a couple videos for a friend to show her what I’m up to, and seeing as they don’t have names mentioned I posted them on YouTube.  At some point I’ll take photographs, but for now you can watch my little videos on YouTube.  They’re less than three minutes each because three minutes is the time limit for video messages on Skype.

That’s the quilt immediately after making the sandwich.  I found this AMAZING batik that fits the theme perfectly.  The colors are perfect and the little silver stars bring the theme out beautifully.  The border and backing are the same fabric.  The binding will be made using the same black fabric in the rest of the quilt.

This is currently where I’m at with my quilting.  Needless to say I’m screaming internally and laughing a lot.  Why did I think black thread on black fabric was a good idea?

Photographs will be taken and posted at some point.  Right now I’m gonna work on this and see how far I get in a single day.  If I’m lucky I may finish this within the next two weeks.  I can only work on it during the first half of the day because my house gets VERY HOT by 4pm.


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