Keeping my hands busy

I finished another set of coasters/hot pads this week and finally got them washed.  Also, I finished my sister-in-law’s quilt.  I don’t have the space to take a decent photograph, but I’ll work on that tomorrow.

Doubled-sided/reversible set of ten coasters.  They’re made using my favorite scrap quilting technique: crazy quilting.  That stuff is ADDICTIVE!!!  I strongly recommend trying it out sometime.

This set of two hot pads/coasters were made using the scraps from Joanna’s Quilt.  I absolutely LOVE the fabric and didn’t have enough leftover for major stuff.  But, I did have enough left for this.  Perfect!  Again, crazy quilting.

These two sets are on my Etsy page and ready for “adoption”.  After I take photographs of Kimmy’s quilt I’ll work on finishing Space Lanterns.  I only need to cut and add the border, then it’s time for the sandwich and quilting.


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