Finished and Listed

I finished and listed over a dozen things this week.  Right now I just wanna sit in my recliner and play some games.  Bruises on my fingers from binding things (I’ve tried using various thimbles and just can’t), wrist is sore, and a I deserve a break.  I added 20+ new items to my Etsy shop, a few others are set aside as gifts with a purchase, and overall I’m very proud of my progress.

This bunch has only one side and backing.  I absolutely LOVE the results!  They’re also sold as single items instead of sets.  I did make a couple sets.  Keep scrolling for more.

Two mug rugs that can also serve as a doll’s place mat.  Perfect for a child’s tea party!

A double sided mug rug made using curtains from my nursery (over 30 years old) and scraps.  I love scrap quilts!

Double-sided reversible hot pads and coasters.  These are sold individually and a couple are freebies.  I love sending free gifts with purchases just as much as I love receiving.

This is a set of five double-sided reversible coasters.  Nice cool colors with a bright border.  Great for a summer look and to brighten up a winter day.

This is another set of five and also a a contest entry.  The contest is held on DeviantArt, and I had to choose one photograph from an offered list as my reference/inspiration.  The picture I chose had a budgie/parakeet, and it just so happens I had scraps of the perfect print.  It was just a matter of finding scraps to bring it all together.  I absolutely love the results.

The quilting technique I used for this is crazy quilting, but a little different than what I had done previously.  You can find all the information regarding how to do this here on this website.  It’s free and VERY helpful!  Also very addictive.

With these finished and listed on my Etsy page I’m not gonna move onto finishing Kimmy’s quilt (all I need to do is add the binding), Space Lanterns, as well as a couple sets of coasters.  I really love making little things; they’re excellent practice for making blocks and using odd scraps.


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