Working on a Stack

No WIP pics, but I will have a rather extensive post with all the place mats, mug rugs, hot pads, and coasters on Sunday or Monday.

These little things are an excellent way of practicing new blocks, techniques, and use up my scraps.  I have a lot of scraps taking up space I can use for other things.  The scraps consist of awkward shapes and odd sizes that don’t really work on their own.  I’m using a different crazy quilt technique that mimics log cabin blocks.  It’s a lot of fun and requires little to no measuring.  Just lots of ironing and trimming.

The first stack I finished are Raggedy Ann and Andy themed, made by up-cycling some curtains from my nursery.  The fabric is over 30 years old, and the crazy quilting has helped strengthen it.  The binding was attached and finished yesterday.  They look so adorable!

The second stack is what I’m currently finishing.  They’re made using the same fabric I used for my mother’s birthday gift.  Any other prints would have these looking busy, but instead the colors give them more playful and bright look.  Excellent for summer, or if you really wanna brighten up your winter decor.

After this second stack I’ll be adding the border to Space Lanterns and creating the sandwich before adding it to the quilting frame.  The hand-quilting will take at least a week, possibly two.  For my breaks I’ll work on more stacks using the extensive amount of stacks I have.  They’re already set up for quilts or just small items.  I’m going with small items because they sell faster.

I’m working on putting together money for out-of-pocket expenses for my wrist surgery.  The estimated cost after insurance is $1k.  Until I have at least $500 I’ll be holding off on scheduling the surgery.  Hopefully these little things sell quickly and well enough I can at least hit my halfway mark.  Space Lanterns, thus far, is $350.  The hand-quilting will easily bring it up to $500.  If that sells I’ll be more than a little thrilled.

Oh, I forgot to mention I received my new rotary cutter!  It arrived three days ago.  It’s an ergonomic design by Omnigrid.  60mm blade and it’s been nothing but a delight.  Far superior to the one I was using before.

Expect a large post on Sunday or Monday.  I may break it into two parts, one for each stack.  It’ll keep things from looking too busy.  Keep an eye on my Etsy shop for the listings!


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