Space Lanterns Update!

I’ve finished what I can, and so far I’m in love with it.  The brilliant colors and prints against the hint-of-a-print black is perfect!


Taking pictures of quilts is rather difficult when you have no wall space and you’re really short.  That’s my excuse.


This is a better shot.  Much better.  I’ll be hand-quilting in the black areas along the edge of the zig-zag with black thread.  I want the focus to be on the colors, and staying in the zig-zag will give it extra depth.

When I have the money (probably around the end of August) I’ll purchase backing and binding.  I’ll use a portion of the backing for a four inch wide border.  The binding will be black to create a frame look for the entire thing.  When it’s finished it’ll be roughly the size of a twin size quilt.

Until I have the money to finish this beauty I’m gonna work on smaller things I have everything I need for.  Place mats, table runners, that sort of thing.  Those will be added to my Etsy shop when they’re finished.


9 thoughts on “Space Lanterns Update!

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  3. Gorgeous! I’m finishing a top using the same block style but made differently. I’m also setting them differently, so different overall effect. Still they are so wonderful and fun, aren’t they? I really love the black with bright colors. Good job!


      1. My colors are … NOT LIKE YOURS! I do love yours. For this one, though, I chose very dark browns (mostly) for the outer edges, rusts and dark teals and other mid-darks for the next wave. Then lights. (then mid-darks, lights, mid-darks, and very darks…) There are prints of all kinds, including a couple of Civil War prints, batiks, tone-on-tones, geometrics like stripes and chevrons… And a few solids, too! It’s kinda crazy and I LOVE IT!!


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