Stitching Again

I swear, this Summer is against me.  First the worst case of tendonitis the specialist had ever seen, then an MRI revealing a 100% ligament tear in my right wrist, then I got a SECOND eye infection.  My tear duct was infected requiring prescription antibiotic ointment.  I basically had grease all over my left eye last week.  I couldn’t wear my glasses and thus couldn’t work on pretty much anything.

I did finish hand-quilting my sister-in-law’s quilt because I don’t need glasses to see things close up.  I’ve trimmed the edges, and in two or three weeks I’ll have the money to get fabric for the binding.  Honestly, I don’t know who will be happier about it being finished; me or my sister-in-law.

Yesterday I worked on Space Lanterns, and got quite a bit done.  Same thing today.  The only reason I’ve ceased with working for the rest of the day (it’s only 5pm) is due to the heat.  We have no air conditioner, my room turns into an oven, and using an iron in that heat is unacceptable.  Thankfully this is dry heat (yay for deserts!) as opposed to humid.

I’ll take photographs of my work tomorrow.  Lots of colors!  I’m hoping I get all the blocks finished so I can lay them out and arrange them on the floor.  That will help me determine if I want sashing as well.

Until then I’ll just imagine the quilt and grin like an idiot because it’s gonna be glorious, bright, and loud!


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