Got a bit more done

I finished more than anticipated.  By around 4pm my sewing room was getting uncomfortably warm.  At 6pm I gave up on doing any more sewing because all the ironing plus the heat was just too much.  There is an upside to that: it reminds me to eat.  Hyper-focus isn’t always a good thing.

Here you can see all the colors I’m using.  A good chunk of the fabrics have metallic splashes to them.  Not all of them because that would be overwhelming.

I’m considering adding sashing to every other block.  Just the same black as the background.  It’s mostly just to make things less intense.  The colors against black are fantastic, but as close as they are together for the finished quilt will make it a little too noisy.  A 1.5″ cut strip on the edges of every other block should work.  Or 1.5″ cut strip between the blocks, then a long strip between the rows.  I want it thin so it doesn’t take away from the overall effect.

As for the three Bs (border, backing, binding) those will be a trip to the fabric store after this is finished.  I can never decide on what will work best until I finish the center.  Before I started making this I was considering a rainbow metallic fabric, but that would be WAY too busy for it now.  If I can find a fabric with little silver stars I would be thrilled.  Not filled in stars, just outlines.  Or even the kind that look like a twinkle.  My husband suggested looking for something that looks like outer space for the backing.  That will be even trickier because so many prints look like they’re for children.  This isn’t exactly a children’s quilt, just a lap quilt.

I’ll figure it out later.  The next few days will consist of finishing the blocks.  I don’t have the money to buy an of the three Bs just yet, so no need to really think about it just yet.


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