Space Lanterns WIP

The picture on the left is all the colors and prints I’m using.  I finished cutting and sewing all the squares into HST.  That was a bit tedious, especially trimming the tails, but it’s absolutely worth it.  Not all the prints have metallic splashes in them, as you can see on the right.  Visually softer prints will help keep things from feeling a bit…overwhelming.  It will, however, be an incredibly intense quilt to look at.

Tomorrow I’ll be assembling and sewing the blocks.  The weather is getting hotter and we have no air conditioning, which means I’ll be working in my sewing room from about 9am to 1pm.  I’m hoping to get all the blocks done.  There’s a total of 11 full blocks and two half blocks.  Photographs will be taken of each one before I start arranging them on my floor.

Once I get all the blocks sewn together and have the center finished it’ll be time for a trip to the fabric store for the border and backing.  I never get those until the center top is done.


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