All Finished and Posted!

The “Cutie Birdie” quilts are washed, dried, and now posted online.  They’re ADORABLE!!!

These three are available on My Etsy Shop.  I didn’t follow a pattern when I made these.  It was just “I’m bored and can’t do anything” so hey, here you go.  These were sewn just as my wrist was getting too painful to deal with anymore.  The reason it took so long to get them posted is I couldn’t attach the binding due to pain.  Not the issue anymore!  I just take frequent breaks.


Finished Joanna’s mug rug!  It’s 8 x 6 inches and a bit heavy due to the crazy quilting technique I used.  One of my sister got the mug for me.  I’m hoping Joanna loves the mug rug.  It’s in colors she doesn’t usually go for.  I have a weakness for really saturated bold colors and prints.

I’m making progress with Kimmy’s quilt.  I really don’t like earth tones, but they’re her favorite.  Seeing as this is for her it’s gotta be something she’s gonna love.  Now if it turns out she doesn’t like it I may just scream myself mute.  I have nearly all the hand-quilting done.  It’s been slow going because I just…hate looking at it.  PIus frequent breaks for my wrist.  I tried working on it with my brace on.  Nope!


I finished cutting all the pieces for the new quilt I plan on making in colors I love.  I’ve dubbed it Space Lanterns because when it’s finished that’s what it’ll look like.  Outer space but the prints will be in a block shaped like a lantern.  Kinda neat!  I won’t be able to finish it until I get Kimmy’s quilt off the frame, so hey, motivation.  Whatever it take, right?  I will, of course, share photographs of it as I progress.  It’s gonna look so awesome!


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