Now for the next project

I finished adding the binding to all the little projects!  Pictures won’t be posted until after they’re washed on Saturday.  It’s not a quilt until it’s been washed.  That’s how you get it all fluffed up with that unique pinch in the stitches.  On Sunday I’ll take photographs and share them here as well on my other sites.  My Etsy shop will have new listings now!  Hopefully these sell.

As for what the next project is, it’s a lap quilt.  It’s jewel tones with metallic bits in them as well as black fabric for the background.  I had some of the pieces cut before my wrist went “nope!” on me.  I’m hoping to have the top done by the end of the weekend.  If I had the money I’d take it to the local quilt shop for the quilting process, but alas I do not.  It’ll all be done by hand which will push the finishing time to about three weeks.  Less if I’m not distracted.  WIP pics will be posted, and with a little luck someone will love and purchase it as soon as I have posted on Etsy.

Unfortunately, due to the issue with my wrist, I won’t be able to enter the nearby quilting shows.  The upside of this is that I’ll have plenty of time for next year’s shows.




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