Finally gonna sew

For the past couple weeks my sewing room has been an oven.  We don’t have air conditioning, only fans, and having a fan blowing in my sewing room is annoying.  Why?  Fabric pieces move, my eyes dry out, I sneeze a lot, and overall not fun.  Plus it doesn’t really cool down considering I’m using my iron.  A lot.

Today will be ten degrees cooler.  Yay!!!  I’ll finally finish these small projects and move on to something else.  I already had pieces cut for a quilt I planned on making before I got stuck in a brace due to the worst case of tendonitis my doctor has ever seen.

Expect a bunch of new posts with pictures over the next week or two.

The only reason I haven’t worked in my sewing room in the morning is because the sun shines right in there, blinding me.


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