Quick and easy “Doubly striped Half Square Triangle block”

I will absolutely have to use this block. The possibilities for layouts and size has be stoked!

Sewn Up

Easy block tutorial - from fabric strips to quilt block

This block can appear to be a bit complex at first sight but it’s quite simple to do. All you need is 4 strips of fabric the same size sewn together. Use high contrasting fabrics for better results. My choice of fabric makes this block a bit hypnotic, don’t you think?

How to make the Doubly striped Half Square Triangle block

Learn how to make this block in just over one minute:

Make the tutorial twice and make a different block altogether! Learn how:

Some ideas for extending this block

This block can be made into a scrappy quilt by using your fabric scraps or jelly rolls. I do find however than this block works a lot better, and I mean A LOT, if you plan your fabrics and colours.


For instance, use fabric that are high contrast and alternate them:

  • acqua and black,
  • red and white,
  • red and black,

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