Most Excellent News!

I got an MRI done today, and 90 minutes later saw my doctor.

I no longer have tendonitis.  WOOT!  Five years of this shit mimicking arthritis and carpal tunnel.  Now it’s gone and I’m cleared to sew and quilt again.

What the MRI revealed is I have an 80% to 100% tear in the ligament on the outside of my wrist (the side with my pinky finger).  The pain there is caused by the end of my ligament rubbing against my nerves.  It’s normal for ligament deterioration to occur in your 30s (I’m 33 btw).  What isn’t normal is there much happening at my age.  When went over my history and activities it was quickly figured out what had caused this: making modern macrame jewelry for 20+ years.

If the pain from the ligament tear and deterioration really bothers me I’ll return to the doctor so we can go over my options for repairing the damage.  I’ve done a bit of research on this and surgery is about the only thing available.  Surgery comes with its own risks though.  Scar tissue can mess with my wrist is just one example.

The doctor told me to slowly ween off the restrictive brace and wear the more flexible one when necessary.  Because of the ligament tear typing can be painful, except when I wear my soft brace.

I can no longer make jewelry nor play my flute.  He also discouraged learning to play most any other instruments due to the angle my wrist will likely be at.  Not a really big deal for me.  I can sew, quilt, paint, and do other things I love.  No KB&M gaming like World of Warcraft or SWTOR.  Thankfully DAI has the built in option for a console controller.  It makes me a little sad I can’t play the MMORPGs, but I’m not heartbroken about it.

I’ll begin the work of finishing my current sewing projects this weekend.  I won’t overwork my wrist; it’s been weakened from wearing a brace for so long.  Plus my tendon is still a bit tender.  Gentle weening and taking things slow.  I’ve had this problem for five years; it’ll be worth a slower pace for full recovery.

Seeing as I can’t play the flute anymore I have it available for purchase.  It’s an Emerson ELD silver and gold flute.  I’m selling it on Craigslist for cash only, but I’m willing to sell it online via PayPal.  Look over the listing for details regarding the flute.  I can only ship it domestically, aka within the USA, because of customs and cost of shipping.  If you’re interested let me know; I’ll send you an invoice and we can go from there.


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