MRI and keeping busy

I’ll be getting an MRI done on my right wrist/hand on Friday, and two hours later will be the follow-up appointment with my doctor.  Hopefully we’ll be able to figure out what’s going on, what the prognosis is, and if anything more needs to be done.  I’ve been wearing a very restrictive brace since my last appointment, which as in turn resulted in me being able to do very little.  Funny enough, that appointment was on my birthday and this one is the day before my ten year wedding anniversary.

Typing is painful, I can’t do any sewing, quilting, painting, drawing, or pretty much anything.  With a few adjustments I have been able to play some video games.  Thankfully my favorite game, Dragon Age: Inquisition, is available for play on both my XBox One and PC, and the PC version allows for use of my XBox One controller.

I spent several hours creating my character for the PC version to make her look identical to me.

Getting my nose right took the longest.  My nose was broken when I was a child, resulting in scarring and a large bump.  Personally, I adore my nose.  It’s just very difficult to get right in drawings and when making self-inserts for games.

I’ve been getting a kick out of watching myself run around as a Dalish Elf (by the name of Reilyn Lavellan) and using magic.  It takes imaging this as real to a whole new level with a game like this.

I used a few mods, or modifications, to get the armor I want.  It’s only available for the multiplayer part of the game, and on my XBox I can’t use mods.  Now I have proper Dalish armor.


This dramatic shot is now my current wallpaper.  My husband thinks it’s amazing that one of the hair options in the character creation section is my actual haircut.

Playing Dragon Age: Inquisition is basically how I’ve been passing the time during the day.  It’s too dark in the evening for me to hardly tolerate looking at my computer.

I can promise this: as soon as my wrist is healed I will be sewing and quilting like mad.  I’ve been able to do very little to express myself, and boredome doesn’t even begin to cover how I feel.  Lots of reading, movies, and games.  Less gaming when the temperature goes up because I have only a swamp cooler and no a/c.  It makes sitting at my computer very uncomfortable.

Hopefully I’ll be back to making things before summer is over!


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