Busy Birthday!

Started out seeing the specialist about my wrist.

My wrist isn’t broken, which is awesome!  It is, however, the most severe case of tendonitis this doctor has seen in ages.  The tendon that’s been a real bugger isn’t the one commonly seen for tendonitis.  Because of the location and lack of treatment it has made my wrist develop symptoms of arthritis AND carpal tunnel.  I do not, in fact, have either!

I’m getting an MRI done once my insurance goes through so we can see what else is going on.  I’ve been dealing with this for about five years, but this fall I recently had is what drove me to see a specialist.

Oh, and I’m in a custom fitted brace.  They had to cook it first, then shape it to me.  No bars or anything that can pinch and cause more problems.  It also inhibits the use of my right thumb, which is where all the problems are.

I got a shot in the problem area to bring down the swelling and speed up healing.  That area is in SO MUCH PAIN!  Typing this is a nightmare.

I’ll be stuck in this brace (it’s removable) until the doctor says I’m in the clear.  Due to the severity of this mess I’m not gonna push myself to doing to much.  Following doctor’s orders.

After all that Joe and I figured out REAL quick there’s no way I can open the car door from the inside.  I can’t drive (epilepsy) so passenger side only.  Thing is…I’m right handed.  Said hand and wrist are encased in a very hard brace that can pass as a cast.  He’s been an absolute gentleman when I sit there looking at him through the window while he looks confused for a minute about why I’m not getting out.  If I’m carrying anything it’s also in my left hand, meaning he again has to open the door for me.  How terrible a situation.

We then headed to a well recommended tire shop because our front tires are completely bald.  Turns out we ought to be counting our lucky stars because our breaks were GONE.  It was metal-on-metal.  So new tires and new breaks.  Thankfully the place has a payment plan option or we’d be broke.  Because of the lack of breaks the car now also needs an alignment adjustment.  Yay for payment plan.  Paid one-third today and then it’s just two more payments.

Because the payment plan saved us money, and Joe is feeling so bad about my birthday being rather…not great he decided we need to go out to eat.  We rarely do seeing as he’s a chef and can cook a fancy meal for me any time.  After a small dinner (I have a problem eating in public spaces due to noise and people) we stopped for ice cream on the way home.  Bubblegum ice cream is bliss!

Now I’m gonna wash my face of the day’s sweat and grit and watch a movie.  Typing hurts too much.


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