Unsettled Hands

I’ve sent off the packages to Raven White as well as my mother today.  I had to carefully fold Raven’s table mat to prevent damage to the artwork in the center, and it too a lot of brown paper bags to cover the box I shipped my mom’s gifts in.

My mother’s birthday is next week, and I didn’t wanna ship a bunch of different packages to her.  I figured, hey, why not send a belated mother’s day gift with an early birthday one?  They’ll arrive by the end of the week, just after her knee surgery.  A box of happy to cheer her up and with recovery.  I used a box I had received an order in, which is always helpful to have around.  Boxes, I mean, because I don’t have to hunting one down and HOPE it fits everything without a bunch of wasted space.  It was an awkward size, and just BARELY fit everything, so a bunch of tape was necessary.  I didn’t bother trying to remove the label that was already on there from when I had received it.  So, hey, brown paper backs!  Practical wrapping paper with impractical amounts of tape.  It’s sort of a family joke, going mad with the tape.

Raven’s package will be delivered on Monday or Tuesday.  I’m so excited about it!  Definitely one of my favorite things to date, and an excellent collaboration experience.  A digital painter and a quilter working together?  I hadn’t heard of it before, so hey, let’s make this happen.  Totally doing it again in the future.

Now…my machine in the shop getting serviced.  I really should have done this awhile ago, but I’ve been busy USING it.  Whoops?  Nothing wrong, just needs a good cleaning, oiling, testing to see how stuff is working or not.  The place came HIGHLY recommended by a lot of locals.

While I was there I was then directed to check out a local quilting shop, BJ’s Quilt Basket.  I had asked about Go! Big Electric by Accuquilt, and the machine shop didn’t carry them.  They showed me a different option, but that one is really impractical.  That’s when they suggested I go to the quilting shop.  They have a good option for someone like me.

I have arthritis in my dominant hand and wrist (20+ years of making macrame jewelry will do that), as well as tremors caused my nerve and muscle damage from my seizures.  I don’t believe I’ve ever mentioned I have epilepsy.  Well, now you know.

My rotary cutter is designed for arthritic hands, but I sometime weeble wobble the cutter and end up messing up.  Badly.  It’s why I have so many scraps.  At least I put those to use.

I’m just tired of making so many accidental scraps.

The shop has a ruler with a built in rotary cutter, and it’s so SMOOTH and EASY!!!  No stress on my hand or anything.  There’s a waiting list, and I hopped on it right away.  I may not be able to cut the tiny pieces I need, but I CAN cut larger pieces down enough that scraps aren’t so frequent.  The shop uses the rulers, and it’s just…so amazing.  I’m also planning on going there again…because reasons.

I have about seven to ten days before my machine is ready for pick-up, and those days will likely be spent cutting pieces with my rotary cutter.  I have about 50% of the pieces cut for a lap quilt I plan on making as soon as my machine is finished.  Thing is…I’ll have all these pieces cut well before my machine is ready.  I have a back-up machine, but it’s like to unthread itself every other stitch.  I’ve had it looked at and there’s no reason for it to be doing this.  None at all.  I’m avoiding using it unless absolutely necessary.  You can imagine how frustrating it is to be dealing with this.  Just stitching…and suddenly you have a big messy knot to deal with because the thread came loose from the needle.

So lots of cutting.

At least it’s been a productive day, and will soon be followed by very unproductive days.


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