The Place Mats are Finished!

I spent all of yesterday finishing the binding on these beauties.  I honestly couldn’t be happier with the results.  Since starting these I’ve sent my mother WIP pics seeing as these are for her.  I won’t be sending her photos of them now that they’re finished.  Friday I’ll be going to the post office to ship these off.  Her birthday is next week, and I have a second gift in the box for a belated Mother’s Day present.

If I were to sell these the set would be $60 USD.

There are plenty of scraps left over, but not enough for place mats.  I’ll make some coasters after a well deserved break.  My fingertips are a bruised from hand binding these, and a couple days of chilling out will take care of them.  I’ve tried using thimbles, but it’s like my fingers just…forget they exist.  I’ve tried a variety of thimbles, but nothing works.  I only them on my thumb when trying to get through tougher spots, like corners.

The coasters I make will be posted on my Etsy shop because…I need the money.  Plus a lot of people have been asking me about purchasing coasters made with this combination of prints.

Now I’m off to play Dragon Age: Origins, eat lunch, and tomorrow will be spent cleaning the house.


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