Three Out of Four Finished

I can’t decide which place mat I like the most, but I still have one more top to make before I finish these up.  Then I’ll make my decision on which of these is the ultimate in awesome.  This latest addition reminds me of a picnic!  You have the color of condiments for food at a BBQ, as well as dessert in the cool colors, and the playful flowers of summer.


I also used some of the small scraps to make a mug rug for my BFFL Joanna.  She’s graduating from college in a couple weeks, and I’ll be sending her Star Wars pin, a Bird Bernie Sanders sticker, this mug rug, and maybe a funny card.

Tomorrow construction continues on whatever it is that’s being built behind my house.  I’m predicting I’ll have a monster headache because of it, just like I did last week.  The construction makes the entire house shake and rattle, put my cats (Jasper and Cacoa) in a panic, and I can’t get a thing done because of all this.  They start at 7am (which is just cruel IMHO), but I’m hoping the heat will make them stop early.  I can’t exactly leave for twelve hours; there’s nowhere for me go for that long.

I’ll cut more strips tonight.  My table was shaking so badly last week I couldn’t cut anything.  If I can get at least that done my mood won’t be so sour later.


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