Raven White Art Collaboration Finished


Raven White created the drawing, and with her permission, I printed it on an iron-on sheet to create this.  The drawing was inspired by Beyonce’s Formation song and video, and I decided to continue with that them.  I used Raven’s favorite colors in playful prints, sewing them crazy quilt style in straight lines, much like choreography in the Formation music video.  The decorative stitch was chosen because it best mimicked the way footsteps look when dancing, and I gave them a fluid appearance to represent the music and dancers.

The finished table mat is 21″ x 13″

I absolutely love the results and thoroughly enjoyed the process of making this.  I plan to work on more collaborations in the future, but I’ll use artwork printed directly on fabric.  That will save me a few steps and a lot of ink.

Now I’m gonna start working on my mother’s place mats using these same fabrics, but they will have a completely different look.  It’ll be interesting to see how the same combination of prints and colors can look drastically different.


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