Joanna’s Place Mat Set

I have finally finished making these beautiful things.  Now I need only to make coaster, mug rugs, and possibly a table runner if I have enough fabric leftover.

The pattern I used can be purchased here.  I put it together myself, and being in a bit of a pinch financially I decided to make it available for purchase instead of free.  Hopefully this won’t always be the case seeing as I really want to provide free patterns for people to use.

With this beautiful set done I can now work on other small projects.  I’ve decided to do the cutting, piecing, and machine sewing when the lighting gets too dim in my living room for hand-quilting.  It allows for multitasking and less stress on my eyes.  I have no idea why I didn’t figure this out earlier!

On an entirely different note, I did some shopping a couple weeks ago for quilting batting.  There was a sale at Joann Fabrics as well as Craftsy, and seeing as batting tends to be very expensive I took full advantage of the sale.  I don’t think I’ll need to purchase batting anytime soon.


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