Crazy Quilt Place Mats

I’m using scraps from Joanna’s Quilt to create matching place mats, coasters, and mug rugs.  Today I made two place mats.  I was hunting for a pattern, but didn’t like anything I found.  So instead I decided to explore the world of Crazy Quilting.

I think I’m in love.

Sometime in the next few days I’ll put a tutorial together, and if I can figure out how I’ll make it downloadable as well.

Here are the two place mats I’ve nearly finished.  I got hungry and couldn’t concentrate, then I saw the time.  No sewing or quilting after 8pm because I get so focused I won’t sleep.  Whoops!


I still need to layer, quilt, and bind these.  I stitched a quarter inch from the edges simply for securing the pieces.  The stitching will disappear when I add the binding and decorative stitching.

My mother said her great grandmother used to make quilting blocks like this.  A moment of nostalgia for my mom!  I think I may use this style to make quilting blocks when I’m feeling a little…wild.

Each of these took less than an hour once I got the hang of it.  Pretty awesome, right?


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