99% finished!

All I need to do is wash it.  That won’t happen until the end of the week, and I really wanted to share this now.  I’ll take more photographs after it’s washed so you can see the difference.

I absolutely LOVE the way it’s turned out.  The color combination is gorgeous, the prints are perfect, and it still has that sort of random look to it with the layout.

Now I’m gonna work on my sister-in-law’s quilt.  It’s so incredibly different from this one, but still with a simple pattern.  The fabric choices and layout will create a more complicated look, but it’s really very ideal for a beginner.

I’ll create the coasters, hot pads, pillow case, and other coordinating things for Joanna at a later time.  They’ll be made using scraps from her quilt to create a nice set for decorating her home.  As for the wait, it’s mostly because I don’t have much space to store things, and I’m a little tired of the colors. LOL No reason to burn myself out when I have other color options to play with, right?


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