This quilt is so pretty!

I finished all the hand-quilting today!  Tomorrow I’ll be adding the binding, and next weekend this beauty will be washed.  So in Pokemon terms the quilt is currently in its first form, tomorrow it will achieve its second form, and after it’s washed and dried it’ll be in its final form.

A quilt isn’t a quilt until it’s been washed and dried.  That’s how you get it to fluff up and have that sort of pinched pillow look.

Tomorrow the binding will be attached and sewn on.  It’s the same color as the inner border, and I am so crazy excited to see what it’s gonna look like when I’m done.  It’s going to change the look of the quilt, and that’s just amazing.

Oh, and I did sew in Joanna’s name in there.  “Made With Love For Joanna”.  She loves the quilt, btw, and is super excited to have it soon.  She has determined her living room will follow the theme of the quilt.

From start to finish this took roughly 90 hours.  At $15/hour for 90 hours + cost of materials this comes to roughly $1500.  I’m not selling this; it’s a gift for my best friend.  The numbers provide a good idea of what the quilt is valued at should anyone want to commission me for a similar piece.

Now I’m going to bed because my eyes are tired and fingers sore.   Totally worth the hard work!  Don’t be discouraged about how your quilt is going as you work.  It’s a process that takes time, patience, and hard work.  The results are worth it, believe me.

I have started getting tired of looking at this is (gorgeous) color combination, which is why I have two other quilts in the works that are completely different from this and each other.  VARIETY!!!



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