Intense Focus It is

I’m finally moving on to the next step of Joanna’s quilt.  I’ve been waiting on her to get back to me with the Bible verses.  Yesterday she finally got around to sending them to me.

What you see here (besides my itty bitty living room) is a general layout of the Bible verses.  I’ll need to change the font and remove the book and passage numbers.  I don’t like that one naked word hanging alone at the bottom.  Plus she knows her stuff and doesn’t really need the book information.  The font will need to be changed to a script/cursive so the letters connect.  I don’t like crawling under my frame to knot and cut off the thread after every letter.

The adjustments and changes will be made once I’m done stitching “frames” along the lines.  By this I mean I’m hand-quilting along the straight lines on either sides of the seams.  It helps stabilize it, and makes things so much easier when I get into the details.  I’m a lover a details, and it’s sort of a mixed pot with too much vs not enough.

If I can’t get the font issue resolved I’ll just print out a basic cross and stitch it all nice and pretty on the white rectangles.

This will easily take me at least two to three weeks to finish.  I’ll work on it during the day when I have good lighting.  I started at just after 1pm today, took a 30 minute break at about 8pm, and finished for the night at 9:30pm.  My eyes are tired!  Thankfully this is a super chill thing for me, and I have exactly no anxiety regarding this.


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