More Progress!

Seeing my work finished is incredibly satisfied.  It’s a process, starting from the general idea all the way to seeing what it looks like when it’s been through the wash.  A quilt isn’t a quilt until it’s been washed.

I added the rest of my finished hot pads to my Etsy shop, as well as a place mat I totally forgot about.  A couple smaller coaster I made will serve as free gifts to send with purchases.  A small token of my appreciation!  The freebies are made as I go, and there won’t always be any to send.  Hence why I have the disclaimer of “while supplies last” in my Etsy policies. LOL

LOOK AT ALL THE COLORS!  As you can see I have a wild obsession with prints and colors.  IMHO you can never have too many.  Just break them up well so as to prevent it from looking overwhelming.  For small things like these hot pads it’s not a big deal, but put them together in a quilt?  You’re gonna need some sashing to break it up.  What’s sashing?  It’s usually a very calm or monotone fabric strip used between blocks.  Check it up on google for more details.

As you can see, I made some major progress on the Raggedy Ann & Andy baby quilt I’ve been working on.  I did the quilting on my machine and…wanted to scream.  Never again am I using my machine to quilt something this large.  I’ll do it by hand.  This was madness.  I had to roll it, and roll it, and roll it.  Then it didn’t fit so I had to flip it over and roll it, and roll it, and roll it.  Lesson learned.

The backing is this adorable polka dot print that fit the theme so incredibly well.  The binding is equally as cute…and it’s STRIPES!  I purchase one yard of the striped fabric, and tomorrow I’ll be cutting it into strips, sewing the strips together for proper length, and then attaching the binding to the quilt.  The final step for binding is doing it by hand.  My machine gets angry with all the layers of fabric to punch through.

When I finish the binding the quilt will be washed.  That won’t be until Friday or Saturday (we use a laundromat).  When it’s finished there will be more photographs, and then it’ll be posted for sale on Etsy!  This won’t be shipped internationally simply due to cost.  It’s a baby quilt, but even this size it has weight to it.  Plus I can only fold it so many times in order to fit into a box.  The price for the quilt itself is gonna be between $120 to $150.  I really hope it sells!

Once I get the binding on this I’ll start working on Joanna’s quilt again.  That one is gonna be a bit of a beast, but totally worth it.  I made some adjustments to the original plan seeing as I’ve figured out quilting blocks and all.  Right now I’m super excited about what it’ll look like when it’s finished.  I know it’ll be GORGEOUS!


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