Fabric Shopping

Today has been very productive!

I purchased all the materials I need to finish the Raggedy Ann and Andy quilt.  That should be finished in a couple days now that I have it all.  I just need to wash the fabric first.

After that I can finish working on Joanna’s quilt.  I’ve only got a small portion of the top done so far.  It’s a sort of sew-as-you-go project.  Honestly, it’s gonna be some weird wonky size because I’m following no pattern at all.  When the top is finished I’ll take a trip to the fabric store to get it measured, purchase backing, batting, and fabric for binding (I don’t use binding tape).  Then it’s time for hand-quilting!  It’s gonna take a good long while to get it all done.

While working on the hand-quilting I’ll take breaks to work on small items I can post on Etsy and sell.  I have a baby quilt commission to work on, the deadline being May.  The person who wants to commission me said I can take my time because she isn’t due until then.  That works for me!  Hopefully I can finish Joanna’s quilt by the end of February.

I’ll take photographs tomorrow after I get everything laid out and ready to go.


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