Hot Pads done!

Four hot pads and a place mat are now officially finished!  I have several other hot pads that need posting, but I need to put them through the wash first.  The four you see here are 5″x5″ and 5.5″x5.5″.  I tried to keep the sizes uniform, but seeing as theyr’e not really a set I don’t think it matters.

I absolutely LOVE the place mat.  I’m debating on whether or not to sell it.  I have the four hot pads posted on my Etsy page already.  Selling it seems the wiser choice because money.

Each of the hot pads/coasters is made using half square triangles (HST).  They were a challenge but I love the variety of designs I got from just the arrangement of the squares.  Excellent practice for when I make quilts using these, right?  Start small and work from there.

Each of these is made using charm packs and scraps.  Then I went to town with some of the stitching because I can.  I absolutely love pre-cuts.  Now if I could get the electric Accuquilt fabric cutter I’d be set.  Arthritis can make cutting fabric painful, and my tremors make it a precarious event.

Tomorrow my quilting frame will be arriving.  I got it on sale for $60 from Joann Fabrics online.  Normally it’s twice that.  It’s lightweight, I can take it apart and put it back together with ease, it’s large enough I can quilt king size quilts, and it has a nice tilt for angles.  I’ll take photographs when I work with it.

Later this week I’ll be purchasing fabric to finish Joanna’s quilt (my BFF).  I’ll also be purchasing the three Bs for the Raggedy Ann and Andy baby quilt top.  I really want to finish that so I can sell it.  I’d save time and lower the cost (for a potential buyer) if I use my machine to simply stitch-in-the-ditch as opposed to hand-quilting.

Other than this I’ve been keeping busy writing fanfiction.  I took a break from writing because life sort of forced me to.  Now my readers on AO3 and tumblr are happy again to be receiving new things to read.  I posted chapter ten of one fic, a warm-up drabble for another, and now I’m working on chapter two of a different fic.  All of these are Dragon Age fanfiction because that’s my love and joy right there.

Oh, and I went pattern hunting all over the web and downloaded…a lot.  Plus I finally got a subscription for a couple quilting magazines.  I’m so excited!


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